Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Meaning to Living a Dog's Life

"Helmsley Leaves Dog $12 Million in Will

NEW YORK (Aug. 29) - Leona Helmsley's dog will continue to live an opulent life, and then be buried alongside her in a mausoleum. But two of Helmsley's grandchildren got nothing from the late luxury hotelier and real estate billionaire's estate. "


We think we'd prefer the Rainbow Bridge.

Jake and Just Harry


Blue tagged us to play"Scattergories."

Here are the rules:
Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the questions. They must be real places, names, things ... nothing made up!
If you can't think of anything, skip it.
You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

So here goes:

We, the Barkalots are Jake and Just Harry, so we shall attack the "J's" And we glimpsed Jackson's answers, so we'll have to go out of our way to find new responses. We're a four "J" family, so there's no recourse!!

1. Famous Singer: Janis Joplin (I, Jake, was bon in Joplin, Missouri)

2. Four letter word: Jack!!! (That's what Mom screams when she gets in trouble!!)

3. Street: Juniper Street (A narrow street in downtown Philadelphia that Mom remembers)

4. Colour: Jatropha (We couldn't find one single color with a J so we substituted a beautiful plant with red flowers. )

5. Gifts/Presents: Jewelry (for Mom).

6. Vehicle: Jaguar (We were looking for a new car for Mom, and she couldn't decide between the Jaguar and the Masarati!!! Hah, more like a Honda in her future...)

7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Anything at the Jake's Dog House stores.

8. Boy Name: Jack (The rules say nothing about using Dogdad's name)

9. Girl Name: Joan (Ditto for Mom!!)

10. Movie Title: Joy Luck Club (Mom loves Amy Tan)

11. Drink: Jack and Coke.

12. Occupation: Journalist

13. Celebrity: Jack Nicholson

14. Magazine: Jack and Jill

15. U.S. City: Jacksonville, Florida

16. Pro Sports: Judo (Kind of like humping???)

17. Fruit: Jackfruit (Is there a theme here?)

18. Reason for Being Late for Work: We, Jake and JH, took too long to do our business!!

19. Something You Throw Away: Juice carton

20. Things You Shout: DAWGS!!!! Quiet!!! (Mom again)

21. Cartoon Character: With apologies to Mike Peters, we love Jrimmy (For those who don't read our comics, that's Mother Goose and Grimm)

So, J's can be pretty hard to find, and this sounds more like Mom than we wires. No Peanut Butter (color, it is a color, isn't it??), if my name was Petey; no Bark (magazine) or Baseball (pro sport) or Books and Bones (gifts/presents) if my name was Benjy; no Old chewed up paper (what we throw away) if my name was Ollie; no Sleeping in (reason for being late for work) or Squeaky toys (things in a shop) , or Snoopy (cartoon character) if my name was Stripe. But it is what it is.


Jake (and Just Harry)

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Middle Name Game

A and A tagged us, so here I go.

My middle name has a special meaning. Mom and Dogdad brought me home just before the Passover celebration in 2002, when I was 3 and a half months old. Elijah, called the prophet of peace, plays a key role in that celebration, so they decided to give me his middle name. I don't think they realized that my presence would guarantee anything but peace -- especially in those early days before I learned any manners (Mom still shudders when she remembers what I did in the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom before my training sessions). But now I do have manners, and somehow I think I have brought a sense of peacefulness to our house, despite my terrier ways.


E That's easy, it's for ENERGETIC
L That's easy too, it's for absolutely LOVABLE
I What about INTERESTED in everything and anything -- but also INTELLIGENT!!!
J How about the best JUMPING ever?
A ADORABLE would be too too easy, so how about ALL MUSCLE ?
H Again, HANDSOME would be too easy, so I think wholeHEARTED in everything I do!

Now for Just Harry. The problem is, that's his name -- and so far he has no middle name, unless it's goofball, or knucklehead, or goober, or you all get the idea. But just for fun, let's assume that his first name is Just and his middle name is Harry.

H HAPPY-GO LUCKY, fits the bill.
A But so does ANXIOUS...
R Sometimes he's REALLY SWEET!!
R And always REALLY FRISKY !!
Y But above all, he's YOUTHFUL and YOUNG AT HEART!!!

Gee, did I say all that about Just Harry? What's wrong with me? Didn't we just bark our heads off to see who would chase the trash truck away first??

Who shall I tag? I have to think about that -- and Mom needs the computer -- so more later. And maybe I will let JH have a go at it.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

There is Nothing Like a Dog's Nose!!!

One of our very favorite and really smart dog gurus from Texas shared this note about dogs' noses.

Not to brag or anything, please read the part highlighted in red. The link to the article is at the end.

Jake and Just Harry

The World According to a Dog's Nose Article #1388
by Ned Rozell

This column is provided as a public service by the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, in cooperation with the UAF research community.
Ned Rozell is a science writer at the institute.
A dog can tell you a lot about the outdoors. When Jane, my Lab, vacuums the ground with her nose and her tail moves like a helicopter blade, I know a grouse is about to fly. When Jane stops as abruptly as a dragonfly, then runs off sniffing an invisible path, I know a snowshoe hare has crossed our trail.
All this entertainment is courtesy of that most sensitive appendage, a dog's nose. It's an instrument man has not been able to duplicate. A local search-and-rescue group, PAWS, uses dogs to find lost people, dead people, and people buried under earth and snow. Dogs have also been used to find gas leaks and the presence of gypsy moth egg sacks. A researcher here at the University of Alaska Fairbanks even wants to train a dog to find tiny wood frogs hibernating in the duff.
Lurking behind those textured, damp nostrils are sensitive membranes that allow a dog to distinguish smells--molecules of odor that emanate from every living or once-living thing--at least one thousand times better than humans. A dog processes odoriferous molecules more readily because a dog has a much larger set of scent membranes within its nose, explained Robert Burton in his book, The Language of Smell. While humans have a pair of these "olfactory receptors" in our noses each about the size of a postage stamp, dogs' receptors can be as large as a handkerchief, depending on how big the dog is.
Dogs noses work much the way ours do: We inhale molecules of odor, which then dissolve in mucus. The dissolved odors are picked up by the olfactory receptors, located behind where sunglasses rest on the nose. An organ called the olfactory bulb shunts the chemical messages straight to the part of the brain that deals with stored feelings and memories, bypassing the cerebral cortex, the main part of the brain. This short-circuit is one reason smells so rapidly trigger strong emotions and memories that may have lain dormant for years.
With its larger olfactory membranes, a dog's nose does amazing things. Researchers at Duke University found that a randomly selected fox terrier could after three weeks detect the scent of a fingerprint on a glass slide when compared to four clean slides. When the researchers placed the slides outside in the rain and dust, the dog was still able to pick out the slide with the fingerprint after 24 hours of weathering.
Dogs have fantastic tracking ability because humans leave a pretty good scent trail. Most researchers think the scent trails consists of "rafts," tiny bits of skin cells that have an odor when mixed with sweat and fed upon by bacteria. Because the human body sheds about 50 million cells each minute, rafts fall from the body like a shower of microscopic confetti. Dogs quickly detect these rafts, as well as other scents that may not be apparent to the producer, including breath and sweat vapor. Each person's scent trail is unique, and dogs are remarkably good at separating one person's trail from another's.
In an experiment performed a century ago, G. J. Romanes lined up 11 men behind him. He started walking, with each man walking precisely in his footsteps. After they walked 200 yards, the men dispersed, with five going to the right, six to the left. All the men hid. Another person released Romanes' dog, who found Romanes almost instantly after hesitating slightly where the men separated.
Seventy years after Romanes' study, H. Kalmus performed a similar test using identical twins. The twins must have had quite similar scents, Kalmus reported: "if the dog was given the scent of one twin, it would happily follow the other." When both twins were used in the experiment, however, the dog was able to pick one from the other. What a great tool a dog's nose is--it rarely malfunctions and the body it's attached to is always happy to see you.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How Do I Look?

There's a TV show called "How Do I Look?" I thought that would be a fun way to ask what you think of my two faces. What Mom has noticed is that without my WFTie muzzle, it's easier to see me smile. And I've been smiling a lot since I've been liberated from that collar.

Just Harry

This is Side A (New Look)
This is Side B (Classic Terrier)

"These Are A Few of Our Favourite Foods..."

Our human friend, Blue from the UK (who has an owie on her wrist much worse than JH's puncture was), tagged us to tell everyone what our five favourite (extra "u" to give credit to our British pals) foods are. JH and I had no problem. Mom -- who was given permission to participate too -- was still counting at eleventy hundred as of dinner time....

We haven't added photos like our buddies Agatha and Archie and Gussie have, but we hope you'll all get the message anyway.

Jake's Five Favourites
1. Peanut Butter (seems to be a universal top pick!!)
2. Pop corn (we go nuts when the folks make popcorn)
3. Cheese (string cheese is yummy)
4. Apple slices (desert)
5. Nuts of all kinds

Just Harry's Five Favourites
To paraphrase from When Harry Met Sally, "I'll have what Jake's having!!!"

Mom's Eleventy-Hundred Favourites
1. Maine lobster
2. Crab cakes
3. Steamed clams
4. Fresh buttered corn
5. Guacamole
6. Salmon sashimi
7. Steak au poivre
8. French Brie and Camembert
9. Dark chocolate
10. Mint chocolate chip ice cream
11. Chocolate mousse

You wouldn't know it to read her list, but she and Dogdad eat oatmeal with berries and walnuts and cinnamon for breakfast, soup or turkey and cheese for lunch, and lots of salad and small portions of meat for dinner!! We just get kibble and whatever apple, berries, popcorn, they decide to have for a treat and share with us. There's wine, but that's another story...

Jake and Just Harry

Monday, August 20, 2007

Collar Free, Wheeeee!!!!

Just a quick note to tell everyone that I am officially collar and stitches free. As one of my first acts of liberation, I tried to hump Jakey.

Mom was not amused.

More later, pals.

Just Harry

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hurricanes Can Be Rough on Animals Too

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
-Anatole France (1844-1924)

As a family who lives in South Florida, where the hurricane season provides all the roller coaster excitement and anxiety anyone can wish for between June 1 and November 30-- will it come here? if it doesn't come here, who else will it harm? -- we've learned from experience that dogs and cats and other animals often get the worst of it when a storm hits.

We all saw that in New Orleans. Shelters were overwhelmed, rescue folks were frantic, animals were lost or abandoned. That's how Just Harry came into our lives through some amazing serendipity and dedication on the part of JH's guardian posse, Lyn Townsend and her volunteers, after he was abandoned following Florida's brush with Katrina.

We've all been outraged to learn about the extent of dog fighting in this country -- and perhaps elsewhere. But we should also be outraged at the absence of provisions for animals in times of danger -- and the dreaded thought of euthanasia.
Watching Hurricane Dean plow through the Caribbean and perhaps take aim at Texas, I've been thinking about all the animals who will be in harm's way and who never kvetch or complain, but just accept what life throws at them.

In times of stretched budgets, and strained day-to-day rescue dollars, it's hard to think of additional financial resources. But local communities can be encouraged to commit to providing a safety network for animals in anticipation of the inevitable emergency --whether a hurricane or a tornado, a flood or an earthquake. Places that people can leave their pets in, if necessary. Communication networks to speed identification. Provisions to feed and care temporarily for those who have lost their families.

Just some thoughts while watching that "cone of uncertainty" and those red, yellow, and green whorls

Written by Mom, with Jake and Just Harry's permission

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Few Good Shakes and I Split my Collar! in Two

It's Day Six since I started wearing my new transparent "chapeau."

If I must say so myself, I've made the best of it. I can run up and down the stairs like before, if I just lift my head up a bit. And if I snooze with my head on my paws, the darn thing doesn't get too much in my way. I can jump on the couch and, if Mom clears a path, I can now jump on her lap without causing any damage.

Still, it's a dangbang nuisance. So, this morning, with a few good shakes after breakfast, why I managed to split the whole collar in two. Mom was at a meeting, so Dogdad was working from home to keep an eye on us. When he saw what had happened, he shook his head and sighed, "Goof ball, what have you done?" Gotta' fix this before Mom gets home!"

Fortunately, in his hall "workshop," he found some wide transparent tape, and patched the collar up. He was going to use duct tape -- we have rolls and rolls of duct tape as part of our hurricane season supplies -- but then he decided Mom would not be too happy with that fix.

Not sure what to do next. But it's only a few more days, I hope.

Just Harry

Monday, August 13, 2007

Going Bonkers

Well, I think I'm giving new meaning to the term "going bonkers."

I tried to jump on Mom's lap with my E. collar on -- and bonked her on the chin (no surgery needed, though).

I wanted to snooze in my brother's crate and bonked both sides while getting in.

I wanted to press my nose against the window to see what was happening outside, and discovered that my nose couldn't get there, 'cause my collar bonked the glass.

Still I'm doing fine. My wound is healing. My "smooth fox terrier" side gives me an interesting look. I get to spend time on laps without my collar. I get to eat a mound of peanut butter twice a day from Mom's hand. (She thinks she's fooling me with the pills inside, so I just go along with the scam.) I've recalibrated my precision jumps to allow for the collar. And -- really important -- I get to go outside to do my business without my collar so that I can find the right spot to lift my leg or do one of my three-point specialties.

Mom is very nervous today, as she is trying to work while keeping an eye on both of us so nothing from the outside gets us too excited.

Perhaps she is the one now going bonkers!!!

Just Harry

Saturday, August 11, 2007

So Who Needs a Furry Muzzle to be a Terrier?

Thanks everyone for your good wishes. I woke up this morning with my tail wagging and high hopes for more of that extra peanut butter I've been getting to take my pills and more of that extra loving and lap time.

The bonk, bonk, bonk of that silly collar is pretty frustrating -- but when I'm up on a lap, or when Dogdad takes me out, I don't have to wear it.

The collar definitely keeps me from getting close enough to a bush to sniff and lift my leg; that's why Dogdad takes me out without the collar -- it's a guy thing!

And it's also changed my precise calculations as to what it takes to jump up on the couch, chair, or Mom's lap. Fortunately, the folks have figured it out and lift me up.

My brother has been pretty cool - he's sniffed me in all the usual places and Mom and Dogdad are keeping an eye on us to avoid any outside excitement.

So all is well -- this is Day 2, and only 8 to 12 to go before the stitches get removed and the collar can come off. In the meantime, half of my face is like a smooth terrier and the other half is like my wirey self!! Will that change my personality? Only time till tell. In the meantime, lots of woofs to everyone!!

Just Harry

Friday, August 10, 2007

Shaved Cheek, E Collar, Who Knew?

Well, I might as well tell it to you straight. Wednesday night, when Dogdad was combing JH's muzzle, he dislodged a scab we hadn't seen before, and all of a sudden blood started oozing. Mom took him to the vet yesterday morning and before we knew it, JH had his right cheek shaved and was in surgery to fix a puncture wound that had gotten infected.

He spent the night there, and Dogdad will pick him up this afternoon.

The mystery? When did it happen? Who is responsible? I guess it has to be me, as we had a bit of a skirmish about a week or so ago, but no one knew that I must have punctured my brother's cheek.

Mom has been sick to her stomach ever since we discovered JH's condition. Dogdad says, "With kids, it's always something."

No pictures, I think, because JH will be upset enough when he gets home. Pain meds. Antibiotics. Shaved cheek. E collar for two weeks...

But that's the story. I hear we may be separated for awhile so that we don't get into a typical ruckus at noises outside. Mom tried to explain the situation to me; I hope I understood.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Airedale Quilting Bee 2007 Project - "Cirque du SolAire"

In the short time we've been blogging, Just Harry and I have noticed a wonderfully strong bond here in the blogosphere between Wire Fox Terriers and our Airedale cousins. That bond got even stronger when our buddy Oscar passed away.

So, imagine how excited we were when we learned this afternoon that the Airedale Terrier Rescue Club of America is holding its 11th quilt raffle on Sunday, October 7th, 2007. They're calling it Cirque du SolAire and if you go visit their site, you'll have a joyful musical experience and may be tempted to take a chance on the raffle.

So, as this barker from the quilt seems to be saying, look see, come one, come all, here's a chance to help our Airedale buddies with a fantabulous quilt auction!

And just in case, you want additional proof of that bond, take a look at the lion tamer (!!!).

We love you Airedales!!

Jake and Just Harry

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Expanding My Vocabulary

Well, I was sitting on Dogdad's lap this evening while he and Mom were having a conversation. Dogdad was talking about a project he is managing and said something about it needing more "analytical work."

My ears pricked up, so they said it again, "analytical work," and my ears pricked up again.

"Jakey, are you thinking about getting a technical job?"

Then Mom saw the light and whispered something to Dogdad.

Next thing I heard was Dogdad asking Mom, "So, are you going to cook Chinese tomorrow?"

"You mean in the wok?" she replied. Again my ears pricked up and they both giggled.

Finally, I got it, the joke was on me: they said "work" and I thought they said "walk" and got interested. Then they said "wok" and I got excited again.

Work, wok, walk -- funny language that English. Why can't everyone just speak Dog?


Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Match Made in Heaven

Time for some happy news. As we wrote a few days ago, a wirey friend, Sir Winston, passed away suddenly in Texas. His family (and everyone who knew of him) were all so sad, their hearts were breaking.

At the same time, another wire named Charles was having a tough time in Florida because his owner had gotten very ill and could not take care of him.

But, as some of you know, we have a guardian angel in Florida named Ms. Lyn (the very same lady who rescued Just Harry and a few others of our pals). She knew about the sadness in Texas. And she knew the people who were trying to find a solution for Charles.

Well, we just learned a little while ago that, thanks to Ms. Lyn, Charles is now in Texas, where he will find a way to dry the tears of the grieving folks who loved Winnie so. And they will give him the love every dog deserves.

As someone more eloquent than I wrote about this match made in heaven:

"We'll not forget Winston, but we welcome Charles with the fullest of hearts. It's the carrying of the wire torch, passing on all those wonderful traits, from heart to heart.Welcome, Charles, and you're still with us, Winston."


Saturday, August 4, 2007

When the Bloom is on the Dog, Run for the Hills

I think the folks must have gotten bored after all their hard work these last few weeks 'cause all of a sudden they got that look in their eyes which JH and I recognize.
Mom calls me over in one of her sweetest voices, picks me up, and hands me over to Dogdad. And then Dogdad, in his best guy-friendly voice, says, "Hi Buddy, Hi Pal, Hi Jakester." And out comes The Furminator...
Just Harry -- nobody's fool after all -- typically runs into my cubicle, while I get stuck on Dad's lap for a bit of pre-grooming with that trusty instrument.
It doesn't hurt, honest, and it delays the time of plucking. It's just the indignity of it all (I have spared you the most undignified poses).
And of course, JH did get his turn, lured by those same sweet/guy-friendly voices.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sir Winston

One of our wire fox terrier friends died suddenly a few days ago -- before the tears for Oscar had even stopped. Some of you knew him from other places, but here is a sweet picture of him with the flowers in his Mom's beautiful garden in Kempner, Texas.

As Kooby said, enough already!!


Smiling in the Sun

Remember a few weeks ago we were tagged to show our smiles? Being a pretty serious guy, I had a bit of trouble doing that; but yesterday Dad brought home some photos he had taken with our "other camera" (before they figured out how to work the digital thingy for our human brother's wedding).

And guess what? There I was with a big smile on my face, happy in the sun. JH was there too -- but for some reason, even though he usually smiles a lot more than I do, he looked pretty solemn.

But here we are, looking pretty artsy shmartsy...