Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A memorable Memorial Day weekend

So as not to bury the headline, let it be known that we Barkalot Boyz are now UNCLES! A sweet baby girl, Olivia Carolyn, was born to our human brother and sister-in-law on May 7. As the new parents and baby girl live in Tennessee, our mom and dad -- the newly minted first-time GRANDPARENTS -- decided to fly there over the Memorial Day weekend. And as we are sadly two rumps too big to fit in plane carriers, we could only send our surrogates, Flat Jake and Flat Just Harry, with them.

According to our flat selves, Miss Olivia is one adorable human pup. The new grandparents were kind of awe struck too and couldn't get enough of holding her. Her parents, sleep-deprived like all new parents, are living in a kind of dream world, tending to Miss Olivia's every need.
Marcy, the beagle mix, and Mistletoe, sister to Holly who played it scarce, as well as Huxley, were still trying to figure out what this new creature was all about. And Marcy wanted to know who these poor imitations of our full wirey selves were, since we had met her in pawson a few years ago.

After a lovely visit in Tennessee -- with an overnight in the Madison room of a bed and breakfast -- the folks and our flat selves drove to St. Louis for our grandma's 90th birthday. So there they were at two sides of the life cycle: 17 days and 90 years! It was thrilling for everyone.

And of course, mom and dad went to see the Cardinals play the Phillies. They weren't too happy at the outcome -- a shutout -- but it's always exciting to be in Busch Stadium and see the stands filled with red-clad fans!
Where were we, while all this was going on? Barking our heads off at our favorite boarding spot. But now we're home and looking forward to Christmas when the word is that we may -- just may - get to see everyone in person.

Uncle Jake and Uncle Just Harry

Friday, May 18, 2012

Our hearts are with two brothers reunited under an oak tree in france profonde

Today we're sending our love to two cyber friends, Angus and "the font," who for many years have shared the sweet, silly, fun, sad, insightful moments they have enjoyed with their Polish Lowland Sheepdogs, Wilf and Digby. Digby left for the Rainbow Bridge two Mays ago -- and today it was Wilfee's turn. We -- and so many others around the world -- will miss our daily visits with them, the chance to meet all the intriguing folk in their village in southwest France, and of course Wilf's wise PONders.

We know Wilf and Digby are enjoying their reunion -- filled with mischief and laughter and happy barks and tail wags.

Thank you dear Angus, thank you dear "font" for sharing your Boyz with us in such a delightful way. And now we share your grief and heartbreak.

Joan, Jake, and Just Harry