Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Monday, July 18, 2011

That Time Again...

So there we were minding our business when Mom and Dogdad looked at us then looked at each other then looked at us again -- and we knew it was "that time." Here we are in all our furry glory before the fun began... Here am, I, Jake,anticipating the inevitable.

First the furmination.
Then the plucking.

Mine, those furs are mine. Why are they detached from me and just sitting there on the coffee table?

But I was not alone in this fur thievery. Here's JH also waiting for the inevitable.
Dogdad, Mom, have you no shame?
Isn't there anybody out there to take pity on us?
I guess we truly are brothers now, fur brothers, with JH's darker fur blending into mine. Oh dear, just when JH thought he was done, he was summoned back for some final touches with the clipper. Me too for that matter.

At last, at last we were liberated and got to go outside. But just look at those svelte, speckled bodies!I guess you might call this a form of male bonding -- Dogdad treats us with the utmost care. His method of grooming us is a bit unorthodox, as it mostly happens on his lap, with lots of scritches and guy talk one to one.So I guess, when it's over, we're still pals!

And here's our "after" shot: two lean, mean terrier machines!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Allons, Enfants..."

As she does every quatorze juillet , Mom woke up singing La Marseillaise to celebrate what we Americans call Bastille Day! She can't help herself. Neither could we, so we just covered our ears with our paws until she was done.

It happens just once a year, so we forgave her. (After all, she does let us bark our heads off most mornings at 6:39 am.)

Joyeux fete to all our friends in France and to all francophiles everywhere!!!

M. Jacques

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jake and Fergie Said,"Let Them Eat Cake!"

So, on Monday, Mom was in Panama City Beach on business. Knowing that Aunt Sally was there too visiting her mom, she wondered if they could get together. It turned out that Aunt Sally's mom lives just around the corner from the hotel where our Mom was staying -- so she did get a chance to meet Aunt Sally and her mom and her sister Judith. And of course, JAKE AND FERGIE AND ZOE AND BELLA.
We're not sure how we feel about this: our Mom and four other dogs? What about us?

Well it seems that Aunt Sally thought about all that and gave Mom something scrumptious to take home with her. CAKE for us that she baked herself in a bright red polka dot tin that Mom was able to cram into her suitcase. YUM!!!

OK Mom, enough sniffing. What about the REVEAL??? Thank you Aunt Sally! Thank you Jake and Fergie! We hope we'll get to meet you in pawson some day -- but in the meantime, Mom tells us that you two are dear, dear foxies!!! And she loved meeting your mom and her mom and sister. And sharing some fun with Zoe and Bella too.

Dog pals are the best! The very best!!!

Jake and Just Harry

PS, Mom didn't have her camera with her, but Aunt Sally put a few photos on FB.

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Different Kind of Fireworks

Last Saturday afternoon, Mom was reading and we were peacefully waiting by the door for our Dogdad to come home from the grocery store. All of a sudden we heard a commotion outside and sniffed something unpleasant. Our immediate response was to do what we do best: bark loudly and long. Mom finally looked up from her book and discovered that a car was on fire just outside our driveway.

She joined a bunch of neighbors outside and learned the car belonged to our next-door neighbor's nephew. He thought he could make it home -- but sadly not.

Neighbors started spraying water on the car, but the flames kept shooting into the sky. First a policeman appeared. Next the fire department came and thoroughly drenched the car, finally putting out the fire. And then a tow truck came and took the car away.

Just like that, these unexpected "fireworks" were over. (There were a few "booms" when each of the four tires exploded, but all in all it was much less damaging to our senses than what will happen this weekend.)

Were Dogdad home, he would have been the first one out there with a hose. Mom kept him apprised of what was going on by cell phone -- but he missed all the excitement and, indeed, couldn't have gotten back into our driveway anyway until all the other vehicles were gone.

If we hadn't barked, Mom might never have known what was going on, that's how engrossed she was in her book -- which, by the way, she recommends to everyone: Forbidden Lessons in a Kabul Guesthouse by Suraya Sadeed. (FYI: When she starts reading a book she likes, we could starve to death...)

Jake and Just Harry