Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our Niece Ninja

Just Harry and I have a human sister in Orlando and our human sister has three cats and a small dog. About a month ago, one of her cats, Ninja, a beautiful but feisty black girl, spied an open garage door and disappeared. Our sister was terribly sad and kept looking for Ninja. But then, a few days ago, just when she had almost given up hope, she caught a glimpse of a familiar black tail hiding underneath something a few houses away. Knowing Ninja's independent personality, our sister got down on her knees so as not to scare her away She waited and waited, and little by little, a tiny black nose emerged from the hiding place, then two paws, and a furry body, and Ninja was back!!!
After more than a month out on her own , Ninja's awfully skinny, but a check-up with the vet showed nothing else is wrong. The vet said that, if she eats and drinks to gain her weight back, she'll be just fine.
We don't have to tell you that, like most of our kind, we're not too crazy about cats -- but Ninja is our niece, and she is black, and it is Hallowe'en, so we thought you wouldn't mind if we featured Ninja in our blog today.
And, while we are at it, speaking of black cats and Hallowe'en, we want to wish Joe the Cat, a friend of ours over on Mr. Doodle's Dog, a very happy 13th birthday. How cool is that? Black, and 13 and Hallowe'en!!!
FYI: This unique, for us, paw shake across the species does not, however, extend to all those scalawags who hide under our cars (see JH's photo a blog ago).

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Disappointed Dreams

Well, our dreams of taking over the world last night came to an end after the pawty and we had to fly home. We tried to enlist the help of several pawty-goers, but every dawg was having so much fun, they weren't into world domination. So, just as in all the episodes of Pinky and the Brain, Pinky asked me, "What are we going to do tomorrow night, Brain," and sadly, I had to reply, "The same thing we do every night, Pinky, plot to take over the world." Narf!!

But Mom and Dogdad had other ideas. They went to an annual local art show yesterday and when they saw a new exhibitor with cool collars and harnesses, they bought us each a set. Mine is plaid and JH's has puppies on it.

When we're all decked out in our new clothes, no one will ever know what we do every night...

Jake (aka, you know who)

FYI, That's JH checking for cats under the car -- typical "Pinky" behavior!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Pawty Time

Well, here we are, waiting for Aire Ruby to come get us and take us to the pawty at the Seven Gables. Do you recognize us? We're Pinky and the Brain, those two goofy lab mice who try to take over the world every night. I, Jake, am the Brain -- of course, of course -- and my brother Just Harry, one of the world's most lovable goof balls, is Pinky -- of course, of course. So we're ready to pawty!!! Don't forget us, sweet Ruby!! Narf!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Barking, Jumping, Card Sharking, Oh My!

Hello Every Dog,

Well, we're back from our extra long weekend at camp. After Mom and Dogdad flew back from St. Louis, they had to turn around and drive to the Tampa area on business, so we spent two extra nights at Dr. Dan's. While we were there, I think I out did myself in jumping. Dr. Dan says that sometimes when he passes by, I look him in the eye -- and he's about six feet tall! And of course we're hoarse from barking. But we are clean, and very very very tired (the poker games night after night on top of the barking and the jumping will do that to a dog!!).

While we were away, we learned that one of our favorite humans, Aunt Gianna in Italy, had sent some photos of us to one of our wire fox terrier groups. The first one above is recent -- and Aunt Gianna "groomed" me so that both of my ears are down. What do you think? An interesting sometime look, no?

The second photo is when we were puppies. Confession though, even though both my ears were down when I was just a few months old, by the time I got a wee bit older, one sprung up. But in this photo too, Aunt Gianna groomed me. JH was groomed too by Lyn before he came to us.
As soon as we got home from Dr. Dan's this morning, we ran to our respective water holes. This is mine: Jake's Dog Bar. Dogdad made it for me several years ago. He keeps saying he'll make one for JH too, but for the moment, JH has his own water dish somewhere else and eats in his own "cubicle." Do I look a bit chunky in that photo? So what were Mom and Dogdad doing while we were away? They were at a wedding in St. Charles, a historic town just outside of St. Louis proper. It was a beautiful day and they had lots of fun as both the bride and the groom (Dogdad's nephew) come from big families with lots of young humans.
The wedding took place in a conservatory, part of an old building. As this plaque says, this spot was the starting point for covered wagons goiung west in the 1800s.

And this is the conservatory itself, where the wedding was held. It was bright and sunny and a wonderful setting for a wedding. The only thing it needed to be perfect was a few dogs.
The name of this bar, Trailhead, is a reminder of the historic nature of the town Mom and Dogdad stopped in for a moment before heading off to the reception.

And now we're all back and we are free to Stay at Home for awhile!!!

Jake, the Spokesdog for the fanily

Friday, October 19, 2007

Off to Camp

Well, today's the day -- back to camp and, as usual, we can't wait. Is it the car ride? Is it the opportunity to bark our heads off? Who knows. Do we wake up at midnight and say "Drat, foiled again?" We'll never tell. Dogdad is the chauffeur; but Mom packed our food and squeaky toys -- for when we get tired of barking.
In we go. I, Jake, am always first, of course of course... Seniority.
If we can, we'll channel our thoughts through Mom. If not, see ya' all next week.
Woofs to all!!!

Pee ess: Note foxtail ferns on left of photo. Agapanthus in front on right has just stopped blooming. Desert rose, behind agapanthus, is about to flower again.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hanging Out at Home

Well, when Mom and Dogdad aren't out and about scouting mermaids and things like that, we do get to spend some cool time at home. Here I (one of the three Happiness of Harrys) am looking less and less like the Phantom of the Opera every day as my fur grows back. And here we are sharing a few brotherly secrets. I (Jake) am telling JH not to be such a silly goose and bite my neck all the time. Is he listening??
This is one of the spots where JH likes to chill. Dogdad was working at the dining room table, and this seemed like a cool spot to be.
Jake, on the other paw, likes to curl up in a chair in the living room, with his neck on the edge of the arm. Is that comfortable?
And this is how we like to help Mom when she is working. Jake on the bench next to her desk and computer; JH in a bed next to the coffee table -- or actually under the coffee table. She couldn't get anything done without our help -- and of course our barking at every new noise.
And what do I, Jake, think about all this? What does every dog think? It's good to be home!!! (But alas, we're off to camp again this weekend as Mom and Dogdad are going to a wedding in St. Louis and then to the Tampa Bay area for another business trip. This time they better bring back photos of ships and pipe and containers or else!!!) Jake and Just Harry

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How About Them Mermaids?????

Just a few of the many mermaids that Norfolk has adopted as its street symbol (kind of like the cows and the other creatures other cities have espoused). Personally we think wire fox terriers -- or any of our cousins -- would have been more interesting!!
But a "business" trip? we don't think so.
Jake and Just Harry

Nofolk Mermaids

Mom said she and Dogdad were going to a business convention in Norfolk. That's why we were at "camp" and had to miss a good pawty and chatting with our friends and everything.

But when we looked at the photos they took while on "business" -- what did we see, but mermaids, lots and lots of mermaids. We know Mom works with seaports; but c'mon, mermaids?????

And after all I (Jake) did try to set them out on the right path!!!
[Apparently blogger is having a problem and we couldn't add the mermaids -- but we'll try later!!]
Jake and Just Harry

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Happiness of Harrys!!!

We had so much fun reading everyone's idea about what a group of Harrys should be called:

A heap, a hunk, a herd, a hoard, a handsomeness, a hooray, a hip hip hooray, a hoopla, a huddle, a heap, a pink tea (in the Land of Gooberstan that must mean something, but we outlanders do not understan), a haven, a hug, a hodge podge, a hahaha, and yes, a wag.

Putting it together Gussie gave us a humungous hoard of hunky hairy Harrys.

Faya sent us some interesting French words: brouette (a wheelbarrow -- just picture a bunch of us in a wheelbarrow!!), and remorque (tugboat -- perfect, cause tug is what Jake and I do).

And Mom came up with a hullabaloo of Harrys.

We were laughing and having a lot of fun with everyone's ideas -- somehow they all fit -- although we still do not know about that pink tea...

But I think what I like the best is what my buddy HHHHarry came up with:

A happiness of Harrys.

And Mom and Dogdad agree, all they still haven't quite rejected a hullabaloo for certain occasions. And of course a wag.

So namesakes all, that's what I think we are: a happiness of Harrys.


Thank you all!!!!

Just Harry

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What Do You Call a Group of Harrys?

Simba asked an intriguing question in response to my post about the three -- count 'em three -- Harrys on DWB: "Is there a word for a group of Harrys?" You know, kind of like a pride of lions, or a gaggle of geese, or a herd of cattle.

So what about a _______ of Harrys???

Anyone up for the Name Game?

For inspiration, see the article below. (But what was the person who identified a "mute of hounds" possibly thinking?)

(And while you're at it, what is the plural of Harry? Harrys? Or Harries? Mom says she is pretty harried just thinking about it!!

Hmmm. Could she be thinking about a harry of Harrys???

Just Harry

The Name Game — January - February 1997
by Janice Welsh
Most people know that fish hang out in schools and sheep gather in flocks. But have you ever heard of a pride of lions? How about a kettle of hawks or a charm of finches? The English language has more than 1,000 names for groups of things.
The names for groups of fish and wildlife date back to the Middle Ages,when knights and lords on horseback chased all kinds of animals. Many of the words used to describe groups of animals were hunting terms. Hunters might pursue a dray of squirrels, a fall of woodcock, or a spring of teal. Herd is one term people still use to describe a group deer, cattle, or elephants.

Where Do Names Come From?
Many names for clusters of critters are listed below. As you look at the names, think about what might have led someone to choose a particular one. The choice might have been inspired by:
An animal's action - a leap of leopards
A sound the animal makes - a murmuration of starlings
A repetition of word sounds - a gaggle of geese
What people think about the animals - a richness of martens
The animal's home - a nest of rabbits
What the gathering looks like - a knot of toads
Some names are mistakes. A school of fish, for example, was first called a shoal of fish. Fish gather in a shoal, a shallow place in a river or lake. A long time ago someone translated shoal of fish as school of fish and passed it along.

Of Prides, Gaggles, and Exaltations...
Army of frogs, bale of turtles, band of gorillas, bed of clams, oysters* bevy of quail, swans, brace of ducks, brood of chicks,* cast of hawks, cete of badgers, charm of goldfinches, cloud of gnats,* clowder of cats, clutch of chicks,* colony of rabbits, ants, gulls, bats* company of wigeons* congregation of plovers, convocation of eagles, covert of coots ,covey of quail, partridge,* cry of hounds, down of hares, draft of fish, drift of swine, drove of cattle, sheep, pigs, exaltation of larks ,flight of birds, flock of sheep, geese, ducks* gaggle of geese, gam of whales, gang of elk, grist of bees, herd of cattle, deer, elephants, horses, sheep* hive of bees* horde of gnats, hover of trout, husk of hares, kettle of hawks,* kindle of kittens, labor of moles, leap of leopards leash of fox, litter of pigs, cats, dogs* murder of crows, murmuration of starlings, muster of peacocks, mute of hounds, nest of vipers, turtles, hornets, fish nest, nide or nye of pheasants, pack of hounds, wolves, mules* parliament of owls, pod of whales, seals* pride of lions* raft of ducks (on water),* rafter of turkeys, school of fish,* sedge of cranes, bitterns, herons, shoal of bass, shrewdness of apes, skein of geese, skulk of foxes, sloth or sleuth of bears, sounder of boars, swine, span on mules ,spring of teal ,stud of mares ,swarm of bees,* team of ducks, horses, pigs, oxen, tribe of goats, troop of kangaroos, monkeys, volary of birds, walk of snipe ,watch of nightingales, wedge of swans, wing of plovers, yoke of oxen.
* group names commonly used by wildlife biologists

A complete copy of the article can be found in the January-February 1997 issue of Minnesota Conservation Volunteer, available at Minnesota public libraries.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Coming Later: The Return of the Barkalots

To everyone who has been wondering where Jake and Just Harry have been, we -- Mom and Dogdad -- apologize for keeping their whereabouts secret. While we have been at a seaport convention in Nofolk, Virginia, for the past week or so, they have been doing what they do best at their favorite boarding place: Dr. Dan's Animal Camp (aka Clinic). Barking a lot. And from what we've heard, A LOT.

They'll be home this afternoon with many very hoarse barks to share along with a bit of grousing that they missed pawties and other events such as the advent of a new Happy Harry! (That makes three: Happy Harry, Hugehappyhairyharry, and Just Harry!! So, we are truly wild about Harries!!)