Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Me Too, Me Too!!!

My paws haven't touched the ground since I met lovely Gabbi at the Rainbowwow Room over the weekend.

One minute I was just showing off my Fred-like moves while other couples, including Lucia and Buster, my younger brother and the elegant Princess Willow, my pals Asta Fashionista and her Gooberlove Stanny, and young Stella and Toffy danced to the romantic music -- and the irrepressible Lacie made her entrance in a flowing lavender gown.

But then, the next minute, I was alone with Gabbi, the elegant and exotic young beagle of my recent dreams, and we were exchanging wirey woofs and houndy howls and pee-mail addresses and mobile paw numbers. I hope she meant all the things she said. After all, we were in the city that never sleeps, where the champagne was flowing and everything is possible.

Could this be love? Love across the miles? Or just one of those unforgettable moments?

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, Gabbi, please send me your photo and, in all the enchantment of the moment, I forgot to ask you one important question: could your family accept another terrier-beagle romance? Or is one enough?

My Mom always says, "Life is merrier with a terrier (or two)." But then, she's kind of looney that way!

Wirey love,


Please note: photos courtesy of Asta and Petey!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Dream Come True

For months now, I have had this profound crush on the most beautiful Dane in the world, Princess Willow of the Zoo Crew. I have beseeched her for a sniff, a lick, an acknowledgement of my passion -- but to no avail. But suddenly, thanks to the intervention of my terrier pals, Asta Urbanista and Petey the Pawfect Pawty Planner, she suddenly appeared at the Rainbowwow Room -- and we danced and danced!!!!!!
Doesn't she look beautiful in her red gown? Be still my heart!!!!

So thank you to those tireless matchmakers, Asta and Petey!!!

Just Harry

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dressing for the Occasion

When Mom and Dogdad were at Spring Training a week or so ago -- they bought us new collars to show our support for our favorite team. Then, of course, Mom said we had to have matching harnesses -- so, of course, we agreed (it beats our previous attire -- kilts with lace and/or a pink Turkish towel).

Dogdad is the one who knows how to fit us.

Just in case you don't know which team we're talking about...

This is very serious business!!
Yep, very serious!!

Even Just Harry stayed combed for half a second while Mom shot this photo.

Just two more weeks until the season starts. We're ready!! GO CARDS!!!
Jake and Just Harry

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What price fame and glory?

Ah, what we aspiring actors will not do for fame and glory. Since early puppyhood, I have been known for my right ear standing up and my left ear folding down (as good foxy ears mostly do). But, given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to appear in a dramatic scene in Beagadoon -- where Scottish tams were on right ears -- I consented to temporary cosmetic surgery.

I have been assured that this bit of pawetic license can be reversed when I resume my customary professorial duties!!!
There is, of course, a moral here: As Gilbert and Sullivan wrote in H.M.S. Pinafore -
"Things are seldom what they seem,
Skim milk masquerades as cream;
Highlows pass as patent leathers;
Jackdaws strut in peacock's feathers."
So, dear Petey et al, what about a fling with one of the G&S opawrettas???


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Betoweled and bekilted

Yesterday, for the first time in weeks and weeks, it rained. Dogdad took us out anyway for our bedtime walk and when we came home, we were greeted with Mom's usual shrieks of WET DOG!!! WET DOG!!! You'd think she'd never seen water before. But this is what we were treated to.

First me, Jake.Then Just Harry.Fortunately, we've learned to live with it. After all, she is our primary means of communication with "the internets."

So, speaking of "the internets," this morning, when we checked on our bloggie pals, what did we find? The results of a stealth kilt fitting for our very very small role in the chorus of Beagadoon.

After last night's humiliation, we felt somewhat redeemed that Ms. Lacie had managed to do us up so handsomely (even though we heard her mutter something about our being like two "aunties" always jabbering together). We're not quite sure what's under the kilts -- as long as it isn't Mom's pink turkish towel!!!

The rains have finally stopped -- so we're safe for a while. But "the season" is not too far off.

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

Monday, March 16, 2009

Heron-Cam Report: Spring Training Weekend

Well, it all happened so fast, we didn't have much time to react. One minute we were having breakfast and the next thing we knew, we were in the car and on our way to camp. We did suspect something might be up when we heard Mom putting kibble into plastic bags and saw her crawling under the sofa to unearth our favorite toys. And when Dogdad lured each of us onto his lap for a thorough comb-down. But, unlike many times before, there were no tell-tale suitcases. No piles of clothes on the bed. No long lists of things to take and do.

Fortunately, while we were in the car, I managed to paw Mom's cell phone from her purse and make a frantic call to our trusty Heron-Cam to see if he was available for following our humans around and discovering what they were up to. Business has been pretty slow, he said, so he flew at the chance. (For those of you who may not have met him before, Heron-Cam is a very clever and articulate bird who has a small video-camera tucked under his feathers, and who provides excellent reports of the curious things our folks do when they pack us off to camp.)
Why here is his featherness right now!!!
And so, we'll turn the rest of this post over to him.
Heron-Cam here: Well, guys, thanks so much for this opportunity to put a few clams in my beak!!! The reason you saw no suitcases and no clothes on the bed and no long lists of things to take and do is that your humans were only going away for the weekend -- and not very far at that. And, kind of deviously of them, they waited until you were gone to pack their one small bag.

Where did they go? Friday evening they drove north a bit to a town called Coral Springs to see the Capitol Steps -- a cast of five actors/actresses who mock everything that is happening in the bizarro world of human politics and celebrity. I heard your folks laugh and laugh and laugh -- especially when the lead actor recited what he called Lirty Dies. Gussie already knows about this -- and his muzzer and dad certainly must agree -- all it takes is to reverse letters between words for hysterical new meanings to come up. The favorite -- and I laughed too until my beak was quivering -- screeple poo up all the time!!
After the show, they drove further north to West Palm Beach, where they stayed at a Bed and Breakfast called the High Biscuits House, so they'd be closer to the main event of the weekend: Spring Training at the Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter with the St. Louis Cardinals playing the Atlanta Braves!

In the morning, they drove even further up north to Jupiter. They were early, so they wandered around for awhile before the stadium opened.
They enjoyed a "green market" near the stadium.And they made friends with a beautiful lab named Naomi. Your Mom told Naomi's mom about the DWB and promised a "shout-out" to Naomi on the blog. "Hello, Naomi!!!"

And then, and then, they passed a Sabrett stand. Your Mom looked at your Dogdad -- and you know what he did? He licked his chops, just the way you do!!! (So don't feel as though you are being manipulated, or anything!!)
Is that a guilty look, or what???They walked around for a little while longer -- looking at the fountains in front of the stadium. And the entrance to the team clubhouse. They went in and talked with a sweet lady who has been with Spring Training for twenty years and knows all the players. She shared a few lovely stories about the man who used to be the voice of the Cardinals, Joe Buck.
The outside walls of the stadium are adorned with murals of great players. We saw yesterday's Stan Musial!!And today's Albert Pujols!!Then it was time to go in. Your folks were attending an alumni pawty sponsored by Washington University -- so they were on the pawty deck!!

And got lots of inside information from team officials.
Finally it was time for that magical moment when your Mom's hero, The Albert, appeared on the field. The fans seemed to share the same feeling of anticipation!!The Redbirds gathered. And Tony LaRussa appeared.The pitcher, Adam Wainwright, began warming up.Now, this is where it may get a bit boring (if it hasn't already) for anyone who isn't into baseball -- or who may prefer another team -- but remembering how successful she was with her little camera (and forgetting that I was there with my professional heron-cam), your Mom focused on Senor Pujols and captured him in action, first playing at first base and second batting, while your Dogdad just enjoyed the game.

After the game -- which the Cardinals won!! -- your folks went back to the B&B and had cocktails with the proprietoress -- Tallulah -- whom your Mom quickly named Ms. Tallulah Barkhead. Since she looks a lot like your pal, Ms. Lorenza, except for her total nakedness, they recommended Lorenza's grandma to correct that situation.
Then according to my notes, it was dinner at an Indian restaurant with your Mom's brother and sister-in-law, ice cream at a tiny Guatemalan shop, a final night at the B&B, and then home -- that's it, pals. (Oh, except that they did stop at a few stores before and after the game and may have purchased something for you to wear!!)

Jake, Just Harry, I hope this report is satisfactory, and that you will continue to employ my services (it's kind of dry out there for a water bird in between seasons).

Yours in good fur and feathership,

The Heron-Cam

Jake and Just Harry here: We're just back from camp and took a minute out of our busy day of heavy camp-recovery snoozing to read the Heron-Cam's report. We approve it all -- except for one puzzling thing. We are fox terriers. We spring all the time. No need for training. Our six-foot vet says that I, Jake, look him in the eye on occasion. As a matter of fact, over the weekend I sprung so well that I hurt a toe nail on the downdraft. So for us Spring Training is an anomaly. But we defer to our humans who, if the truth be told, are crazed. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!!

The Professor Answers Several FAQs

In your comments on our recent videos, many of you asked questions that I thought needed an answer. So here goes.

The first question had to do with our Dogdad's phenomenal and inexplicable ability to let us run on leash without getting all tangled up in a knot, as seen on the second video.

Gussie: And can you have DogDad explain how he keeps you from getting all tangled up?
Asta: How do you get to wun so well on leash????and not get into a knotted mess.
Penny, Poppy, and Patches: We ALSO would like to know how you run so much without tangling DogDad in your leashes. Does he get dizzy?
Jackson: Dogdad deserves some sort of medal for not getting you both all tangled up. How does he do it?

We think it's truly inexplicable, but our Mom has come up with some other examples of his ability that might help explain. Mom, what do you have to say?

Jakey, It's like this. The best way I can explain it is that your Dogdad has a very interesting three-dimensional mind. He's used to planning highway interchanges and ramps, and when he looks at concentric circles on a flat piece of paper, he actually sees cars moving along roads up and over and under!! In addition to its professional applications (i.e., his job!!!), this ability has very practical applications. For example, when it comes to loading a dishwasher or packing a car trunk (as when we stuffed the car full of your and Just Harry's things for our road trip over Christmas). You may have noticed how I often call for help when we have too many dishes and glasses to fit in the dishwasher and he always manages to get everything in.

So, when you and Just Harry are on your leashes and running at full speed, he somehow anticipates how you're going to intersect each other and whose leash needs to go up and whose down and how to keep you going. But, like everyone else -- I see it, but I don't believe it - BECAUSE, as Martha Basset notes:

Martha Basset: Our mum can hardly manage a walk without being strapped to a lamp post.

Martha, It's a good thing no one has a camera on those rare occasions when Mom tries to walk the two of us together!! You would die laughing at the hysterical results. She's been wrapped around a pole. Her arms have been pulled out of their sockets. And you'd hear her pathetically whimpering, "Can't you boys walk in the same direction?" Sometimes we do, and sometimes we even pee symmetrically, but often we just like to tease her by my going forward and JH's going backward. BOL!!!!

Faya: Do you find golf balls sometimes ?

Faya, We've found tons of golf balls -- most of which we've given to our human brother. They aren't fun to play with, so we just accumulate them as a point of honor.

Amber-Mae: That fountain over there looked like FUN! Did you boys get to play in it?
Maggie and Mitch: Did you boyz consider running through the sprinklers and getting soaked??

I love, love, love biting the water in the sprinklers and sometimes Dogdad lets me do that. JH is more indifferent to the water. But sometimes, 'specially when we're with Dogdad, we do get soaked cause he understands what boys like to do.

Joey: Looks like you had as much fun on the golf course as my dad did today!

Joey, Yep!!!! We love your dad's golf course -- but we only go there late in afternoon or early evening after everyone has gone home.

Snowball: It will be great if you are allowed to run off leash, isn't it?

Snowball, We don't think that will ever happen except in a fenced yard or at the dog park. How sad is that!!! We see Eric and other terriers running loose, and we're pretty envious -- but we don't see that happening to us.

So pals, thanks for all your questions!!! Just to give you a glimpse of our next post -- the Heron-Cam has been called up for reporting duty and we hear it may have something to do with Spring Training!!!

Lots of wirey love,


And, oops. I almost forgot one:

Mango: Why oh why oh why do they ALWAYS ASK if we are hungry? Of course we are! You are very patient.
Jackson: What a silly question! OF COURSE YOU'RE HUNGRY! What dog isn't?

You're both so right -- why oh why does she always ask? In the interest of full disclosure, I think it's because she likes to tell everybody (or show them), what her boy can do and how clever he is to answer her silly question with a little flick of the tongue. She's even taken it to new levels now by giving me a choice sometimes: "Jakey, Hungry? Outside?" So I indulge her by choosing one -- and if I head for the door instead of to my food bowl, she is whacko with joy at how clever I am!!!! Moms, gotta love 'em!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Boyz being boyz

Well, she's trying -- so here are three new practice videos.

Video One: In which the Barkalot Boyz do what boyz will do...

Video Two: In which the Barkalots run a lot, growl a lot, and chomp at grass a lot...

Video Three: In which the Barkalots trot off in the sunset with the golf course sprinklers glowing in the fading light...

Wirey woofs!!!

Jake and Just Harry

Friday, March 6, 2009

Screen auditions

OK Pals, give her an A for trying to make amends for missing our romp the other night!!! What is remarkable about this video clip is you actually can see that I do indeed lick my chops when asked if I'm hungry. Twice. And you'll see Just Harry make an end run around to the kitchen the first time the question is asked.

As for the Barkalots barking -- well, there's always next time!!!


Crufts Live!!!

Hey Pals,

You can watch the Crufts show live at the url below. We watched the terriers and the hounds judging yesterday -- and today is more group judging as well as agility and dancing.

UPDATE: The show is over for today (Friday). Remember the schedule is in UK time. But the show continues tomorrow (Saturday) and (Sunday).

Jake and Just Harry

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chasing the blues away...

Last night we all went for a long walk, starting on the golf course after all the players had finished. We had our long leads on and, while Dogdad held them and kept us from getting entangled, we chased each other round and round in perfect circles until we dropped. We rested for half a second and then started up again until we couldn't breathe. But it felt so so good. Mom had been screeching at us all day for barking at this and that and nothing -- and we needed to let our fur down and just run.
You'd think she would have had the camera with her to capture us doing what we love to do -- but no. We were pretty disappointed, but said we'd give her another chance next time -- so maybe before too long we'll actually have a little wirey action film to show you.

In the meantime, what do we have to offer instead? The fuschia bougainvilla by the front door. Orange impatiens by the front porch. A pot of succulents on the front porch table. And a frond from the Australian tree fern that Mom keeps nursing along.

So, two wire fox terriers gamboling on the golf course? Or silly flowers? What a choice!!!
Lots of wirey love,
Jake and Just Harry

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sharing the sadness

We just learned this morning what most of our pals learned yesterday -- Klaus passed away. In recent days, we had let our guard down a lttle, feeling hope and believing that the power of the paw would help carry him through.

Now, in this sad, sad time, Lulu and Bogie need our love and support more than ever -- and we join everyone on the DWB in sending them our condolences and prayers for healing and comfort.

Jake and Just Harry and Mom, Joan