Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We interrupt our tour of Nova Scotia (New Scotland)...

to press our candidacy for inclusion in Bouncing Bertie Boffin's next Earth Science class. He suggested that applicants should be ready for all kinds of weather -- and we hereby attest that neither rain...
Nor snow...

can keep us inside.

He also suggested that we not wear frou-frou clothes. But what is more manly than our two oatmeal fisherman's sweaters jumpers???

And finally, he intimated that some familiarity with Scottish customs, such as the wearing of  the kilt might be an asset. Remember elegant Just Harry and glamourous Just Martha? And of course, our case would  not be complete if we did not take this opportunity to reminisce a bit about one of the proudest moments  of Jake's life: when he stood side by side with Hamish at a spectacular nuptial celebration. There's more, so much more, but we hope this pictorial evidence of our commitment will be sufficient to allow us to continue with this exciting programme.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Once upon a week in Nova Scotia

So, while we were in animal camp for a week (eating our daily dog's breakfasts and dinners), our humans were off to a delicious place called HALIFAX in NOVA SCOTIA where they dined on CAPE BRETON OYSTERS and DIGBY SCALLOPS and SMOKED SALMON and FISH AND CHIPS and CRAB CAKES -- and LOBSTER, lots of LOBSTER
Some of our long-time pals will recall that every year around this time, Mom gets to go to a different port city in the US or Canada or occasionally the islands for an annual seaport convention. And Dogdad gets to go along as a SPOUSE. (While we get to go to animal camp.)

Last year, they were in Galveston, marveling how the city had recovered from Hurricane Ike, which had struck the island the year before. Previously, when the convention was scheduled in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina had visited the year before as well. And now this is very weird -- it didn't happen the year before the convention -- it happened this year. First Hurricane Earl came to visit Halifax. And then Igor decided he wasn't going to miss this convention city either. Both storms bypassed the East Coast of the US (including South Florida for which Mom was extremely grateful, as she thought they might have to miss the trip) and then curved northeastward to see what Nova Scotia was all about. Fortunately, all Halifax got was a lot of strong wind -- the brunt of the storm hit further east in Newfoundland and did cause a lot of damage and one death. But it was ironic all the same. Think of Somerset Maugham's tale, Appointment in Samarra!

Mom was in Halfax before so she was eager to return. In between business events, she visited the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, where she discovered two amazing folk artists -- Maud Lewis and Joe. Norris; the Old Burying Ground, with weathered tombstones from 1749 to 1844; and the Maritime Museum, which houses amazing photos and memorabilia from Halifax' fascinating history -- and just strolled around the historic areas of the town. (Poor Dogdad, who had project deadlines, stayed in the room to work during the day, emerging only at night, blinking his eyes at the world, but licking his chops at the lobster...)

Halifax, with its easy sea access served as the Ellis Island of eastern Canada -- welcoming immigrants in the late 19th century and in the post-war periods in the 20th. When the Titanic sank, people from Halifax were the first to help retrieve those lost in the shipwreck. Conversely, when two munitions ships collided in the Halifax harbor and caused severe damage to the town, the people of Boston extended their help and the two cities still have strong ties. Every year, the people of Halifax send a large Christmas tree to the people of Boston in gratitude for their assistance. The region, as the folks can attest from their drive through the countryside, is the Christmas tree capital of Canada -- and perhaps the world.

We have lots more to say -- with pictures -- about Halifax and the other places our humans visited and about how much they enjoy Canada, but blogger is being a pain in uploading photos -- so we'll be back when we figure out what we're doing wrong! In the meantime, we're just happy to be home!

Jake and Just Harry

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Dog's Breakfast?

We stopped by our fellow wirey pal Bertie's blog this morning and discovered he and his mom are planning an agenda to enlighten us canines about all kinds of super scientific things. Considering Bertie's young age, we were truly impressed at this proposed endeavor. But one of the things he said had us kind of stupefied.

Bertie said that it would be kind of like "a dog's breakfast." Those words echoed in our wirey ears because we've been hearing that phrase in a totally different context. You see, as we told Bertie, the company our Dogdad works for, a 50-year old employee-owned engineering company, is about to be acquired by a very large UK firm. It's kind of a bittersweet moment. But, to make the best of it, we've been trying to learn   proper British expressions. "A dog's breakfast" is one of the first that came up -- and, since our breakfast (and our dinner) is mostly same-old, same-old kibble, with an occasional dollop of pumpkin if we look bored enough -- we're kind of suspicious! And then to hear Bertie use it, only heightened our suspicions.

We're OK with adding a "u" to lots of words -- glamour, favour, labour -- and replacing an "s" with a "z" in certain words -- or is it the other way around?. But kibble? C'mon!

Wirey woofs of concern,

Jake and Just Harry

A LITTLE UPDATE: While we've been talking about a dog's breakfast, it's appropriate to mention the Pedigree Adoption Drive and Pedigree's commitment to donate 20 pounds of food to animal shelters for each post mentioing the drive. Thank you Pedigree!! Dog's Rule. You've said it. We know it!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A time to remember what our Lady Liberty stands for!

We found this photo on Asta's blog -- and think it tells the story more than any words can express.

Being a bit of a dinosaur, I remember, before the towers were built, grousing about how they were going to ruin the New York skyline that I had grown to love when I lived there during my college years. Never could I or anyone else imagine how those towers would come to bear such a heavy burden and even in their demise remain standing in our minds as a symbol of what unites us in spirit.

Is there anyone who does not still see those towers when they look at the New York skyline? Or remember the valor of those firefighters and and dogs who braved their lives to rescue all they could?

We remember. We can't allow ourselves not to.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Today We're Celebrating My Fifth Anniversary Gotcha Day!!!!!

Well, Jake and I have been wondering what it would take to get our Mom back to OUR BLOG instead of all the SELFISH THINGS she's been doing in lieu of being our dependable secretary. If you look at the date on our last blog -- you'll see it's been more than a month since she devoted her time to our musings. But fortunately, today is my very special anniversary -- something even she couldn't miss.

It's not just my GOTCHA DAY-- it's the FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of my Gotcha Day -- five years since the family drove to Orlando to meet me on neutral ground and see if Jakey and I would get along. When we did, suddenly I found myself in a comfy crate in the back seat of the car -- and homeward bound.

Mom tells me I've changed so much in five years. I was still a puppy -- about 8 or 9 months we think -- when I came to live here. And I was scared of everything. Umbrellas, little girls on bicycles, noises of any kind -- not to mention firecrackers. And my first official action the morning after they brought me home was to run downstairs and pee on the couch!

Ah, but it's amazing what lots of love and kind words and treats  -- and frequent walkies -- will do. I'm still not crazy about loud noises -- and just recently I bolted away from Dogdad when a firecracker went off unexpectedly near us on the golf course (happily I had the good sense to run as fast as I could to our front door, my flexi-leash bump, bump, bumping behind me). But I've got that inside/outside thing figured out -- and the couch -- and carpet -- etc. remain dry!

Jakey and I have a decent relationship, even though we're very very different. I'm boisterous and energetic and loving and the very model of a model wire fox terrier. He's kind of a fuddy-duddy -- so we don't play as much as I'd like to -- but he's such a wimp when it comes to toys that I can always swipe whatever he's decided to chew on as soon as he turns his head.

Last year, Mom wrote lots of nice things about me -- and posted some of my sillier pictures. So if you want to read what she said then, check out our blog from September 9, 2010. The photo below is the classic that always has to appear when we celebrate my Gotcha Day. It was taken by our Aunt Brenda, the kind lady whose house was our meeting place. She just a few days ago brought a new WFT home and  has an almost similar picture on her FB page when her Alle met her new brother Cooper!!
Wirey love to all -- and special wirey kisses to Aunt Jane and sniffs to our pal Petey who lost their pawsome cat Mica a few days ago.

Just Harry