Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Tale of Tailored Tails: A Lot of Hooey!

Anyone following the electoral campaign here in the U S of A knows that polls, polls, and more polls dominate the news. So, as much as we terriers hate being trendy, we have to reply to all of your comments on our last post about a theory connecting tail docking and aggressiveness with, what else, the results of our very unscientific poll.

Based on 24 responses to our post -- drumbeat everyone -- the consensus is that the concept is a lot of hooey! And we most certainly agree. Although Murphey had an interesting thought: since his brother Reilly's docked tail is too short to show other dogs that he wants to play, perhaps he doesn't make as many friends as he might otherwise.

In fairness though, with the exception of our whippet pals, most of the responses were terriers. Not sure how some other bigger breeds might respond.

We especially loved the response from Persephone and Buster: "Well, we Kerries have a "slightly-docked" tail (back in the old sod and in the UK, the tails are a little longer), and truthfully, we tend to be aggressive and obnoxious no matter what the length! It's kinda like asking an Irishman in a pub if he's more prone to pick a fight when he's drunk or half-drunk ("You callin' me drunk?! I'll show yer!!!")."

Jake and Just Harry

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Is De Devil in De Tail?

Hi Pals,

On one of our wirey lists, the topic has turned to the effects of tail docking on a dog's temperament. Some research suggested that a dog whose tail has been docked is missing a natural way of deflecting aggression and thus, in defense, become more aggressive himself.

The scientific basis for this conclusion is murky. But we were intrigued. As most of you know, I, Jake, have a very short, but sassy tail. My brother has a much longer tail -- although someone who saw it said it might have been docked as well.

As most of you also know, I am of a serious, philosphical nature -- but sweet and not prone to aggression unless it is a matter of who gets to open the door first, or deal with a CAT...

And my brother -- he of the longer tail -- is more often than not prone to pick a fight with me, although he too can be very lovable and sweet (or so Mom says).

Obviously, we are a less than scientific sample of two. But what do you all think? Does the length of your tail influence your personality?


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter! Happy Spring! We've Been Sprung!!

Our Mom and Dogdad. They've worked their butts off. They've traveled far and near. And finally -- at last -- they've decided it's OK to turn the computer back to us dawgs - first for a Spring message and then more in the days to come.

But guess what's the first thing that emerged from the tips of our Mom's fingers? The silly rhyme she insists on saying every Spring. (We apologize to our friends who have never heard a Brooklyn accent or seen it spelled...)

"Spring is sprung, the grass is riz.
I wonder where the boidies is. ]
All the boids is on the wing,
My, my, ain't that absoid.
I thought the wing was on the boid."

Happy, now, Mom? Got it out of your system? Can we get on with more serious things? Like our having been away for the better part of a month? And missing our friends? And not knowng what's going on with everyone? And needing to catch up?

We guess the biggest thing that happened was 10 days ago, while Mom and Dogdad were in Panama City (Florida) and we were at "camp." We had our teeth cleaned. Mom scheduled it on purpose, but she was a wreck, being far away, and she had her client's assistant monitor her cell phone while she and Dogdad were in meetings so she'd know we were OK after it was done. And we were. We slept off the anesthesia and by the next day, to quote one of our vet's kind ladies, I (Jake) was on springs myself, springing up in the air several feet every time someone walked by. And Just Harry -- well, he was Just Harry.

We've had lots of TLC since we've been back -- long walks, and treats, and skritches -- and it's really good to be home.

Rumor has it that Dogdad is going to put a fence up in our small back yard so that we can explore off leash when the folks are out there grilling -- before it gets too hot. Today it was rainy -- not as bad as in the Midwest where our Husky cousins live -- but bad enough so that we couldn't stay outside.

Anyway, we want to thank everybody who dropped by while we were out of touch. We really missed you all and will be checking back as fast as we can to see how everyone is.

Lots of love and lots of wirey woofs!!!

Jake and Just Harry

Mom wanted us to add these photos she and Dogdad took in a river town on Florida's Panhandle called Apalachicola where they spent the weekend before coming home. You know she's kinda' obsessed about birds. These are neither egrets nor herons though; just small gulls who live a very fine life, sharing the Apalachicola River with pelicans and other birds in their quest for yummy things to eat. (FYI, Apalachicola is known for its oysters.) As for that last photo -- don't ask!!! Just a piece of kitch that attracted their eye!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Working More, Blogging Less

Hi Pals,

Remember us?

It's a new month, and more than two weeks since Mom has let us blog -- but she agreed today to offer a -- in our opinion -- pitiful reason for our absence from the DWB. Know what it is? She has to work! And she has colliding deadlines and travel later this month that will keep us from posting much for a while longer.

We have two choices: find another secretary or patiently record our thoughts in silence until the day comes later this month when we can get back in the groove. Given that the first choice is pretty unrealistic (Dogdad is busy too), we'll go with something very very hard for us terriers to do: wait patiently!!! And in silence!! Remember, we're the Barkalot Boyz.

Hope you all understand. (In checking around the DWB from time to time, we see that this situation happens elsewhere, so we think you will be patient with us under these circumstances over which we dogs have no control!!)

Lots of love and wirey woofs to all our friends, furry and not,

Jake and Just Harry