Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Lambshank Gang

We know. We've been away. Really away. While we were in camp for TWELVE DAYS, our humans -- and our flat selves -- were in Seattle for a week. Then they came home for two days and celebrated our Grandpa's 100th birthday (without us). Then our Mom went to Panama City Beach (Florida) and our Dogdad went to Raleigh (North Carolina). When they came home, they FINALLY remembered they had two dogs -- us -- and they graciously came and got us from camp.

But then they went away again. So we were back in camp again for TWELVE DAYS. Mom went to Panama City Beach again and Dogdad went to Raleigh again and then they came home for a day and went to Washington, DC.

So, we ask you, as you look at these photos: Is it any wonder that we founded a GANG? The LAMBSHANK GANG, to be precise? (Mom: The last day of their stay, we had their toofers cleaned and a front paw each was shaved for the anesthesia IV.)

If any pup wants to join us, just let us know. But we hope you don't have to be exiled for such a long time, twice, to be interested.

We have been told there are many many pictures to share for the trips to Seattle and Dee Cee and our Grandpa's 100th -- but who know if our humans will ever get to it.

By the way, in case you haven't heard: THE ST. LOUIS CARDINALS -- who were 10 1/2 games behind on August 25, rallied like never before, and WON THE WORLD SERIES IN SEVEN!!!!! WOOHOOOOOO~~~~~ Somehow it is all the more sweet because so unexpected. And the life's lesson learned: NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!!!

Jake, Lambshank Gang Chief Executive Officer

Just Harry, Lambshank Gang Chief Operating Officer

PS: Happy Hallowe'en!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I know we owe lots of explanations -- and we have lots to share from the last month. But for the moment, it's all about the National League Playoffs and, in particular, the Phillies versus our Redbirds. Last night, if anyone was watching besides Khyra and Gussie and us, a SQRRL ran across home plate. Actually he was the second such creature to penetrate the baseball inner sanctum, as one of his relatives was seen scurrying across the field the previous night. (Nary a canine seen in chase, sadly! Just a few distoibed players and fans.)

To commemorate the event last night, however, (which the Cards won, to tie the series), the local TV station created the RALLY SQUIRREL!!
So who let the SQRRLs out???? Who? Who? Who?

Tomorrow night is the be all end all.....GO CARDS!!!