Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Breaking News

Last night, we overheard a conversation between our Mom and Dogdad and his Mom, who lives in St. Loulis. Every year around this time, Mom and Dogdad discuss whether they should fly or drive to St. Louilis for the Christmas holidays. And every year -- except for two years before we were born -- they decide to fly and off we go to spend the holidays with our favorite vet and his staff. We love them too, but hey, as someone was heard to say recently -- Enough is enough!!!

But last night,the conversation we overheard included the big question to our Grandma. "What do you think about our bringing Jake and Just Harry?" She knows us because she visited here for a few weeks a year or so ago. When we heard her say, "That would be fine!" we jumped for joy.

We've also seen a few e-mails between Mom and some of our pals along the way -- so our trip may include some up-close-and-pawsonal get togethers.

As far as we know, last night, Mom and Dogdad said yes to driving with us, unless they discover any flaws in their plan. And Mom said she'd research the pet-friendly accommodations along the itinerary.

Before Just Harry came along, I went on a longish car trip to North Florida, and I loved it. I did bark all night at the first place we stayed though -- the ice machine, the air conditioning, the doors closing -- and no one slept. The second night, at a different place, I slept through the night. So this time Mom will be more careful about where we stop. And Just Harry and I both love car rides. So we are ready!!!

But stay tuned!!! And keep your paws crossed that they don't change their minds!!!


Jake and Just Harry

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Drumroll Please

Just Harry and I are pleased to introduce two new members of our household.

Professor Jacques Maigret (pronounced May gray) And his young partner,

Justin Herkimer Clouseau (pronounced Clues oh). Professor Jacques is the unsung younger brother of the famous French detective, Inspector Maigret, made famous by George Simenon. After years of being unappreciated, despite his PhD in underbush research, the Professor decided to leave the Continent and make his way to America to explore the mysteries of life.

Justin Herkimer is also the younger brother of a famous detective, the beloved Inspector Clouseau, renowned for his unusual, some might say bumbling, approach to crime-solving. Like the Professor, young Justin Herkimer felt unappreciated in the shadow of his famous brother -- and he too decided to seek fame and fortune in America. In a wondrous stroke of serendipity, these two curious lads met in a little town in Georgia and decided a partnership was in order. Answering an ad that we Barkalots ran for two gentlemen to share our home and take some of the pressure off, with free room and board, the Professor and Justin Herkimer traveled from Georgia to Florida. With their professional sleuthing DNA, we anticipated they would uncover many mysteries of life in these parts and perhaps come up with some good alibis for the things we are always being accused of.

When they arrived, we were shocked to discover that they looked just like us!!! What an amazing coincidence.

And, like us, never ones to shy from expressing their feelings, both the Professor and young Justin Herkimer consented to an interview with our Mom.

Mom: Professor, Justin Herkimer, what are your first impressions about your new digs?

Justin Herkimer: Digs? We luhve, luhve, luhve to dig!!! Where, where, where can we dig?

Mom: No, no, no, Justin Herkimer. Digs, that’s slang for your residence, your place, your new home. There will be no digging.

Justin Herkimer: Oh. Well, rien n’est parfait. (Nothing is perfect!!)

Professor: Don’t mind him. He still has a lot to learn. But these digs are very fine. I notice you have excellent bushes around the property. And, as you must have heard, I am an expert in underbush research. Justin Herkimer: But we see you have much stuhff inside these digs.

Mom: Stuhff?

Professor: Yes. Stuff. Birds. Camels. Seahorses. Lighthouses. Books. Paper. Photographs. Paintings. And lots of what some might call tchotchkes. And, oh yes -- more stuffed creatures that look much like us. What does it all mean?

Mom: Well, gentlemen, I've been wondering the same thing myself. How about using those professional snooping genes to explore all that stuhff, I mean stuff, and tell us what it all means. OK?

Professor: OK. Give us one week and we will make our first report.

Justin Herkimer: Oui, oui, oui!!! I luhve, luhve, luhve to make reports. Is that a nice rug over there?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

We were going to write a few words to commemorate today's seventh anniversary of the unimaginable horrors that took place on September 11, 2001. But then we visited Asta's blog and found a moving tribute to the canine heroes of that terrible event. Go see for yourselves, if you haven't already, but be prepared for that leaky-eye syndrome and lump-in-the throat to take over.

And there are people in this world who mistreat dogs? How could they with all this evidence of what we do for our humans when they do such terrible things to their own?

Jake and Just Harry

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Look what we're getting for my Gotcha' Day!!!

Dear Pals,

When I sat down to tell you all about my third Gotcha' Day this morning, I first took a look at what we wrote last year. And what I found was so personal and detailed and loving -- I think Mom had a paw in it -- that I decided no way could we tell the story any better -- so, if you who are new don't mind - and if you are so inclined -- please take a look at our posts from September 8 and 9, 2007. That's me -- Just Harry -- still the silly goofball, even one year later. and just shy of four years old.

But we do have something special to announce. For the last week or so, Mom has been teasing everyone about two newcomers to the household, and, even though they are still en route, we found a secret photo that may give you all a serious clue!!!

Who are they? What are their names? Where did they come from? What have they been doing until now? We're afraid all that will have to wait until next Wednesday, when they will introduce themselves.

In the meantime, Jakey and I are celebrating my Gotcha' Day with explorations off leash outside on our back patio. It's still windy, but we love the breezes in our faces.

And last night Mom gave me a special walk. She held my leash very loosely and let me decide where I wanted to go. She was curious to see if I knew the way home. We walked down "poop alley" (the street where lots of doggies do their business) until I turned to come back towards home, and then we walked into our cul de sac. She thought I'd turn into our driveway, but I fooled her and continued to walk over to the golf course. I roamed around a bit -- inspecting the 18th hole, near where we live, and walked a bit along the cart path. Then I had enough. I looked up at Mom to see if she was still there, 'cause the leash was still so loose, I could barely feel her presence. Reassured, I walked confidently back to the hedge that edges the golf course, then down the cul de sac until I reached our driveway and turned in!! Mom was quite impressed.

Later today, I know we'll have some of our favorite treats -- popcorn (like last year, a Cubs-Cardinals game is on our TV) and peanut butter (not together), and -- even though our toy basket is overflowing -- a new toy or two. I noticed last week, when Mom was sorting some baskets, that she has a separate stash just waiting for the right moment. And what is a righter moment than my Gotcha' Day???

Lots and lots of wirey love to you all,

Just Harry

Monday, September 8, 2008

Remembering Pavarotti

Hard to believe that a whole year has passed since our beloved Luciano Pavarotti passed away. But this evening, we were treated to a wonderful new PBS "Great Performances" called Pavarotti, a Life in Seven Arias. Apparently, it is a BBC production in association with WNET New York. It debuted in New York last night, to commemrate the anniversary of Pavarotti's death and is playing on our three PBS stations here in South Florida this week. (A very welcome change from the Weather Channel.)
It's delicious (so says Mom!!).

Weather Update

Once again, thank doG, after fearing the worst, we here in South Florida have been spared the force of a hurricane. Ike, while inflicting terrible damage on several Caribbean countries, including Cuba is expected to pass well to the south of us on his way, guess where, into the Gulf yet again.

We have been living on the edge for so long that it's hard to actually relax. We have stronger than usual winds and expect rain until Ike passes further to the west -- but nothing like what we all feared. The people in the Keys had been asked to evacuate, but that order has now been lifted, although those who left, have been asked not to return home yet.

As I said in a previous weather report -- it's such an awful feeling to feel relieved at not having to experience the storm yet knowing that others have suffered and still more will.

One bit of encouraging news: people leaving the Keys have been allowed to bring their pets with them on their way to a shelter, and the pets are being looked after in a separate location. Not quite a perfect solution yet, but better than having to choose between staying in harm's way with your pet or leaving and not being able to take him or her with you.

As for those persistent rumors, we have learned that, with no more concerns about a storm disrupting the mail, we may indeed see two newcomers rolling up to our door later this week. Just Harry's third "gotcha' day" is coming up on Wednesday -- that little goofball will be almost four -- so we may have to wait until the following week to let you all know who these newcomers are and what their intriguing past is all about!!!

xxx Wirey love from Jake the Weatherdog. Stay safe everyone!!! And remember power to the paw for our pals who are still recovering!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Weatherdog Report

Well, here I am again, your amateur weatherdog, Jake of Florida.
First let me say, there was little we could do about Gustav. He was marching to his own bark, and paid no attention to us. Fortunately, he spared New Orleans. But we know that lots of places like Baton Rouge and parts of Mississippi got whacked and he brought lots of rain to the Midwest, including St. Loulis. We do know that Peanut and Flash are OK -- except for an AC that broke after the storm had passed.

But now we have more and I have to apologize to all my pals from here to New England. Despite our continual barking, Ms. Tropical Storm Hanna seems to have gotten away from us and is speeding up the coast, bringing heavy rains all along her path from Georgia to the Carolinas, and beyond. We had heavy Hanna rains this morning, but now it's sunny and our flowers and plants are happy from all the rains as we turn our attention to Mr. Presumptive Hurricane Ike. (For those who are older than dirt, pawsonally, Mom liked Adlai!)

Pencil croton



Ike's a quirky fellow. A few hours ago, he was pointed right at us. But then he swerved to the south and may skirt the Florida peninsula and go into the Gulf and our West Coast -- leaving everyone wondering what will happen early next week -- particularly, once again, our collie pals in the Keys.

So, the Olympics are over. The two pawlitical conventions are over. And it's back to focused barking for us -- we're still barking for Jackson, and for Gussie, and for everyone who needs it -- while we wait to see what Ma Nature has in store.

The rumors about two wheeled newcomers are getting stronger. We hear they may have an interesting past...and be a bit foreign...and????

Your weatherdog, Jake of Florida, signing off.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shhh. We've heard rumors...

We've never joined in on Wheelie Wednesdays for a simple reason. No wheelies. Ever since we first saw Jackson's, we've looked with envy at all our pals who have wheelies, but never said anything to our folks.

Lately, however, we've overheard some conversations and seen a correspondence that Mom has had with one of our blogging buddies. So we're thinking that we may soon have company.

Hmmm. With all the pawlitiks and hurry canes and other stuff going on -- it might be fun to have two wheelie (Two? Did I just say two???) pals to hang around with.

Who knows? Mom knows and she's not talking.

But just in case, does anyone have any suggestions for two boy names?

Jake and Just Harry