Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year to Everyone!!!

Hi Pals. We're back!!! Now all I have to do is persuade my secretary to transcibe my trip notes and download the gazillion photos she took of our awesome, pawsome 14-day road trip. She promised. She promised. But right now she is recovering from having a 25-pound wire fox terrier on her lap for hundreds of miles at a time (could that be me???) to keep me from panting my way through Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

New Year's Day is the day I was born seven years ago in Joplin, Missouri. So the trip back to my home state on my Mom's lap was a nice kind of antidote for my trip out from a puppy mill to a pet store in a crate marked Live Animal. Yep!!!

More soon -- with pictures. She promised. But in the meantime, all my heartfelt wirey wishes for peace and love throughout the world in 2009 and and warm caring homes for every dog on the planet.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Certifiably Insane?????

Well, we're getting ready for our road trip -- Christmas gifts have been shipped to St. Louis, early Chanukah gifts have been exchanged, human and dogs cards have been written and mailed, our travel stuff is laying out on the bed in the guest room, we have been newly furminated, the pet- friendly stops have been reserved, and Dogdad has a list of Sonic drive-ins along the way... BUT, folks, we want to know, are our Mom and Dogdad certifiably insane to want to leave our lows in the 60s highs in the mid-seventies weather to travel to what you see on the map below???

Does any one know of a good lawyer -- Scruffy, are you there???

Anyway, despite the promise of shivery pit stops, we are very excited at our adventure, which will start on Wednesday, and we'll be blogging whenever we can.

Before we go, however, we want to thank everyone for the fun, creative, wonderful Christmas cards. So far the tally, as expected, is Mom's business - 5, Mom and Dogdad's personal cards - 3, dogs - 47. Are they pathetic (and, as we mentioned, certifiably insane) or what???????

Lots of holiday love!!! Stay tuned!!!

Jake and Just Harry

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sweater Boyz

OK, folks, what follows may cause the ladies to avert their eyes -- but in anticipation of our trip to St. Loulis where it is currently in the 20s -- our thoughtful Mom and Dogdad, after much reflection, purchased sweaters for us. They arrived yesterday and of course we had to try them on.

The whole process was hysterical -- at least Mom thought it was. We dutifully submitted, but upon being sweaterized, Just Harry immediately retreated to my otherwise unutilized crate (his favorite hideaway) and had to be coaxed out with a treat lest he be subjected to further humiliation.

I, as is my habit when something bizarre happens, just stood immobile for an eternity until I was undressed.

So we anticipate lots of fun in the dressing and undressing. Has anybody seen The Christmas Story and watched Ralphie's little brother get ready to go out in the snow?
Our only question at this point: how are we supposed to do you know what wearing these things that almost cover our you know what's?????
Mom, or better yet, Dogdad, you figure that one out!!!
Jake and Just Harry

Monday, December 1, 2008

Jake the Weatherdog Says: Hooray!! Hurricane Season is Over

As some of you know, one of my tasks in this household is to report on extreme weather phenomena, particularly those events occurring between June 1 and November 30, a six-month period known as "the hurricane season."

Today, I can happily report that this year's season was officially OVER yesterday. And though other parts of the country and the region did not escape the ravages of storms such as Faye, Gustav, and Ike, we here in South Florida were comparatively fortunate as storms that looked like they might hit us decided not to.

Huge sighs of relief all around -- but lots of lingering compassion for those in places like Galveston and elsewhere on the Gulf Coast as well as in the Caribbean that were not so lucky.

On another topic, I can report that our Thanksgiving was swell. Although we didn't get as many treats as we were hoping, we did get to enjoy the pre-party fun outside.And, when everyone moved inside for dinner, they treated us like stars and I even had a few moments at the table.On Friday morning, my bowls were restored to their proper location, as promised, accompanied by effusive apologies from the human-in-charge.
I can also report that, on Saturday, Mom and Dogdad visited Madison's (see with love, Madison) humans at their art gallery in downtown Fort Lauderdale and discussed a play date for us sometime after the holidays.

And finally, yesterday, Just Harry and I went on a practice road trip to visit Mom's aunt in Boca Raton -- a 25-mile trip -- and the humans were very very impressed with how good we were in the car and at her apartment. It was a tiring experience, as you can see what happened when we got back -- but we had a great time, with lots of pets and even a few treats!! And, the most important part, Mom and Dogdad were reassured that we do well on a longer car ride and can be trusted in someone else's home.

Jake the Weatherdog (temporarily out of a job, thank dOG!)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

'Twas the Day before Thanksgiving...

The table was set:

(Note: that cute pumpkin face is our pal, Linus the Airedale, drawn by his Mom, Jill.)

The foodables were being prepared and we were helping as best we could.

The cranberries with apples were saucing

The green beans were trimmed.

The pine nuts for the stuffing and the almonds for the green beans were toasted.

The sweet potatoes were ready for baking.

The turkey was thawed and waiting to be roasted.

The pies were ready for transport from our brother's house.

The wine was chilled.

But, Oh My Dog,, something was wrong...very very wrong.

"What is it Jakey?" Mom asked.

"Where are my bowls???" I barked. "Who moved my bowls???"

"They're over here, Jakey -- just around the corner, out of the way so you won't get stepped on when the company comes. It's just temporary for tomorrow. OK???"

"OK, I guess so -- but it'll cost you. Just Harry and I will be watching to see that we get our share of the feast!!! It all smells so good already, we can hardly wait. One or two green beans isn't gonna' cut it!!!

"Got it, Mom?"

"You betcha', Jakey!!"

Monday, November 24, 2008

The signs are favorable...

This is the latest.

Mom ordered two warm sweaters for us on the Internet.

We heard her making reservations at a pet-friendly motel for the first night of our trip in Bradenton, Florida, and we heard her asking the reservation agent what would happen if we happened to bark in the middle of the night. The clerk's answer -- oh, they'll be quiet, won't they? And just then someone crossed our perimeter and we both started barking our heads off!!

We also happen to know that Mom made arrangements for us to be taken care of at a K-9 place near the port while she and Dogdad are at work there the afternoon before and the morning of our setting off for St. Loulis.

Then we just heard something exciting may be brewing in Mayemphis before we get to St. Loulis.

And on the way home from St. Loulis, we've heard we may waggle a bit.

Even more telling, we heard Mom and Dogdad having loooong discussions about whether they should take two of our beds or four (our grandma has an upstairs and a downstairs) and about whether there will even be room in the car for their stuff if we take up so much room.

Oh, and the most critical sign -- we overheard Mom tell one of the nice ladies at camp that no, we won't need our reservation for the Christmas holidays.

So, it sounds as though the folks are keeping their promise to take us with them this year, instead of leaving us behind to wonder what they're up to. Pretty cool, huh?

The Heron-cam is kind of p---ed that he won't be needed (times are tough all over), but decided that, if nothing else materializes, he may come with us anyway.

Stay tuned. If all goes according to plan, next month this time we should be shivering our wirey butts off at Miss Ouri's

In the meantime, we're wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving -- but remember, stay away from that turkey skin and other fatty foods -- they ain't good for us dawgs, no how!!!

Jake and Just Harry

Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh the Indignity of It!!!

You've all heard from time to time about what some of us wires face when it is time for the dreaded grooming. Well, here is evidence, up close and personal -- very personal -- about what goes on at our house...
Before we go on, however, we must offer a disclaimer on behalf of our dear Dogdad: Since I, Jakey, almost had a seizure at a professional groomer's several years ago, he has taken it on himself to do a kinder, gentler, kind of grooming. Sometimes he just uses the furminator. But when we start "bloomng," it's time to get more serious. Instead of using a professional table with supporting ropes, he invites us on to his lap. And instead of a total stripping, he plucks only as far on our jackets and faces as we can endure, and then clips the rest of us. The result? Well here we are, as I said, up close and very personal.
When both my ears go up, you know it's serious!Very serious!Fur. Mine!!But there is frequent consolation!!
What just happened?I think it's over, but just in case, I'll stay under here!!We have an equal opportunity household: Just Harry know what's coming! Must we?Are we done yet???
Ah, all's well that ends well. After all we've been through... Treat time!!!Jake and Just Harry

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Poker Pawty!!! Let the Chips Fall Where They May!!!

Well, if you've been over to Lacie and Baby Stan's Place, you'll see that we were latecomers to the poker pawty. But, not to fear, since I, Jake, have been playing poker at camp since I was a wee pup -- that will be seven years in a few months -- and Just Harry now has about three years under his collar . Translation: we're ready to make a killing!!! That is, if we don't succumb to one of Lacie's smoothies and go into la la la land.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honoring Our Veterans on This Solemn Day

From the Dallas News:

"In America, we honor all veterans on this solemn day, and rightly so, because despite the convulsive changes occasioned by war across the decades and centuries, there is one constant: the willingness of patriots in every generation to answer their country's call to arms."

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We took the "duh" out of Florida!! Yes we did!!!

Those long lines for the past two weeks with patient and enthusiastic voters, those new voting machines with paper ballots to amend the errors of the past -- not to forget the ever important power of the paw -- made a difference in our state, which has been the laughing stock of the country for eight years !!! And we happily abandon our reputation!! We just hope no other state will ever have to recycle that reputation.

Congratulations to our new President elect!!! We are so proud to be part of this historic moment!! Among so many amazing images after 11 pm last night, the sight of Jesse Jackson - - despite all his gaffes of the past -- with uncontrollable tears flowing down his cheeks as he stood amidst the cheering crowd in Grant Park, captured the story.

Jake and Just Harry

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Heron-cam Update: It's Mostly about Me!!!!!!

Hello folks.
This is your loyal Heron-cam reporting. Everyone is back safely at home. Yesterday, after a six-hour drive, the humans relaxed and celebrated the female human's birthday (age is classified information). And they picked the furry ones up from camp so they too could join in the occasion after also celebrating Hallowe'en in two places -- both with their pals at the Tower of London (those two scholars in their robes in the center of the first picture) --as did their wheelie look alikes, M. le Professeur Jacques Maigret and Justin Herkimer Clouseau (lower right hand corner of the second picture) -- thanks to sweet Asta!! --and at camp with the rest of the residents as their rumpled bandanas suggest!!.

(If you're wondering why Just Harry looks kind of grumpy in the above photos, ask his Dad about the furminating that preceded the photo shoot!!)

But before I turn this blog back over to them, I thought I would spend a few minutes talking about ME. After all, am I not the unsung hero of this blog? Do I not provide secret details about what those wandering humans do when they are far from home? Yes. And yes.

Well, after flying all the way to Northwest Florida, as previously reported, and chilling my feathers last Monday, I spent a few days idling while, finally, the humans did manage to do some work. Or not!And then, on Thursday afternoon, I followed the humans back south to a lovely place called Homosassa Springs, an hour or so north of Tampa Bay on Florida's west coast. It seems that the person who introduced the male and the female human about 20 years ago lives there -- with her husband and two rescue dogs, Happy and Dixie -- and they wanted to stop and say hello. That was fine with me because I had a chance to warm up and strut my stuff with some fellow avian critters.

Fortunately, the humans decided to have dinner at a place called the Seagrass Pub and Grill, which is well known to all the birds of a feather in the area. When they heard I was in town, several egrets stopped by to say hello -- and we had some interesting turf battles over a few fish.

It's not too often that I allow my public to get so close -- but as you can see, I let my guard down and posed for the humans. After all, they are my employers once removed. And, as you can also see, I am quite beautiful -- and if I must say so myself, lend a fine note of elegance to this blog.
I hear that my services may not be required this Christmas -- but if my public demands it, perhaps I can go along for the ride to St. Louis anyway. After all, there will be a few moments, I believe, when the furry ones will be separated from their humans, and my presence may be required.

Until then,

See ya'

The Heron-cam