Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thinking of Bogart's Dad

We've all shed many a tear and shared our thoughts and prayers when our furry pals are ailing. Today, it's a dear human who needs our thoughts -- so we're sending our best and strongest Wirey Zen to our pal Bogart's Dad, hoping he gets better quickly and comes home to his family.

Sweet Asta sent us this photo and we're adding it to our blog until we hear that Bogart and his Dad are reunited!!

Jake and Just Harry

Sunday, February 15, 2009

K k k k Katie, beautiful Katie

For those of you waiting for a full report about our evening out over the weekend, here's how it was, just as we thunk it and spoke it:

Saturday evening. February 14, 2009. Romance in the air. After our previously noted conversation about what to wear, we decided on our best Valentine bandanananas (gifts from our Orlando pals, Jack and Alle Truett). Mom had a different idea though -- and so we also had to wear our usual garb. As if we were going to run away or something. But never mind.

So there we were, all spiffed up and ready to go. "OK, Dogdad, are we getting this show on the road, or what?""And are you sure you know where we're going?" OK. I guess we made it OK. And what is that we hear? A sweet feminine bark????? She must have heard our car arrive -- kind of like us, at home, huh? Let's go see. Hmm, nothing feminine about this foot!!"And dinner, Mom? Didn't you say dinner? ""Oh, you say, that kibble at home was our dinner and you humans are having dinner here while we watch????? And wine? And cake and ice cream?" How sad is that???
But where is our canine hostess??? We keep hearing her bark, but where is she???"
Oh, she's the shy type? Perhaps she'll come around with a little sniff or two!! Just Harry, do your best!! We brought her some squeaky toys -- if the sniffs don't work, perhaps we can lure her over with a few squeaks...But what's that? Wowser, what a big bath tub!!!
Uh oh, this wasn't some scheme to lure us over for a bath, was it???

Oh, but who's that????? Finally! Wow, what a beautiful golden tail she has!!! And those dainty little feet!!"Gee, Katie, you're a cute little thing!!" "Yep, k k k Katie, you're a beautiful girl!!!"

"Thank you for inviting us over!!! We had a swell time and hope you'll come visit us."
And that's how it was, pals -- we had a good time, even though Mom never did share a morsel with us, and we saw something we'd never seen before. Mom said it was a "pool" and people swim in it -- whatever that means. We're not so sure how we feel about that -- perhaps during the summer we'll try it out.
Given our reputation as the Barkalots, we do have to point out that we did not bark even once -- even though our gal Katie kept at it. After dinner, Mom disappeared into the den and found Katie on the couch -- they had a nice quiet conversation about us with lots of ear and tummy rubs, and Katie apparently relaxed 'cause it was after that she made her appearance.
Our human hosts were very kind too. They said we were good boys and very "well-behaved" and could come again if we wanted to. But first, we think we'll invite Katie over to our house for a play date.
Jake and Just Harry

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dinner!! We're invited out to dinner!!!

Well, it all started out like a normal Saturday -- except that we knew it was kind of special because of those flowers and some extra smoochin' going on when they thought we weren't looking. OK, if the truth be told, we got some of that smoochin' too -- but then we realized we were being set up.

Yesterday Dogdad was at the office and one of his colleagues who lives near us invited him and Mom for dinner tonight -- and added -- and BRING THE DOGS!!! That sounded kind of cool so we were pretty excited. Excited that is, until we heard Dogdad sweet talking us onto his lap with the furminator, and the comb, and his plucking fingers, and finally the scissors and the clippers. (What an arsenal to deal with two simple hairy dogs!! Do our whippet friends have to go through this? We don't think so!!)

Anyway, I guess we should be flattered that Dogdad spent the better part of the day transforming us from two roly poly porkers (see below)into svelte ready-for-prime time wires (again, see below). Had we known, we would have entered Mango Minster!!! But never mind -- here we are once again looking our best -- and getting ready for our outing. We heard our hosts have a Pomeranian -- so we're not sure what to expect -- But YAY, WE'RE GOING OUT FOR DINNER!!!

"Hey Jakey, what do you think we should wear?"

" Gee, I don't know, Harry. I kind of like being nekkid!!"

Lots of Valentine's Day smooches to all our pals!!!! And wirey woofs all around!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stopping to Smell the Flowers

The doorbell rang a few minutes ago. We responded with the appropriately loud, non-stop barks and ran for the door. Dogdad, working from home, picked up JH and put him in the guest bathroom. Then he picked me up while Mom answered the door.

There stood a lady with flowers. Mom said what moms always say, "For me?"

She brought the flowers inside while Dogdad put me down and rescued JH. She picked up the card and said, "I bet they're from my aunt." Dogdad just smiled. She read the card and got all teary -- discovering they were actually from him. (And from us, of course!!).
['Scuse the stuff on the table -- but this was a moment not to be missed as we all stopped to smell the flowers.]

Happy Valentine's Day everybody --furry and not.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

It has come to our attention via certain friends and other means -- like the expression of guilt on our Mom's face when she looks at us -- that we are suffering from NBS (Neglected Blog Syndrome). As the reasons for NBS may continue for a few more weeks, given Mom's silly work commitments, we asked her to at least let us say hello, however briefly, to our pals and tell them that we are still alive.

And this is the best she could do!!! Do we look like two lazy furry slugs or what??? (And don't even mention her insensitivity to any pretext of modesty!)
Woofs and wirey love to all,

Jake and Just Harry