Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Clever Dog? Naughty Dog?

Here's a "clever dog? naughty dog?" tale about my adorable ever-loving, ever-enthuastic, often skittish, but always curious, Just Harry.

First the "clever dog." Saturday morning, we all slept a bit late. Usually that's not a problem as the Boyz can "hold it" without any difficulty. But as I stumbled out of bed and went into our bathroom, whom do I see stepping out of the shower but no other than JH himself. "Hmm," thought I. He rarely goes in there. The last time was last winter when some kind of four-legged intruder apparently had made his way into the attic, causing JH great consternation. Even though it was in the middle of the night, he barked and barked and barked until I managed to reassure him that we were not under attack. Nevertheless, he spent the rest of the night paws crossed in front of the bathroom door -- just in case.

So "hmm," I thought. And then I looked at the shower floor and saw the grout between the tiles where he had been was a bit darker. "Hmmm," again. Yep, Just Harry had gone into the shower stall to relieve himself, rather than on the bedroom rug. Clever dog!!!!!

Ah, but Sunday is when my little wirey boy showed his other irrepressible side. We had taken my dad out to lunch and he had given us a little plastic bag of rugelach -- a delicious often jam-filled pastry that is a Jewish favorite, especially on certain holidays. We had that little bag and a few other things in a larger bag that I set on the floor of the foyer when we got home. (You see where this is going, right?)

Both dogs sniffed the bag when I set it down, but I forgot about it until later that afternoon when I was thinking about dessert for dinner. "Jack, did you move the bag with the rugelach?" "No," replied husband. "Where did you leave it?" "In the bag in the foyer. And it's not there."

Search party assembled, we didn't have to look too far before we found an empty plastic bag on the sofa in the living room, nary a crumb left to tell the story. Only the tooth marks on the plastic (fortunately still 99 percent whole), bore witness to the feast.

Fortunately too, no chocolate was involved. And no tummy aches or other disturbances. No dessert for the humans, either.

When interviewed (on the very scene of the crime), Just Harry simply said, "Hey, a dog's gotta' do what a dog's gotta' do!

(How did I know it was Just Harry and not Mr. Jake? Sometimes a mom just knows.)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A special day for a special dog!!!!

Most of us have secretaries who are derelict in their duties when it comes to blogging. But here we have Wilf, the Polish Lowland Sheepdog (PON) so many of us have come to love, who is celebrating his human companion's 1,000th post today -- all in the space of some three years.
We think that is an amazing feat -- and especially when every single post brings some new insight into what life and the cherished relationship between dog and human are all about.
Wilf, we do love you, and thank you for all the joy your blog has given us, tinged, however, with the sadness of your illness and that awful tick bite that led to your brother Digby's death last year.
Every day, we look forward to the latest news from France profonde to savor (savour) with our morning coffee. We have vivid images of the intriguing folk who populate your village and picture them scritching your ears, tickling your tummy, and sharing bits of croissant and that extra special treat -- coconut ice cream.
So Wilf (and M. Angus and Mme. La Font), we couldn't let this day pass without telling you how much you mean across this blogosphere!!! We wish your days remain peaceful, with all the delights you've earned just by being Wilf!
Jake and Just Harry

Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh dear...

Once again our silly Mom almost blew it. Almost blew right by one of the best days on the calendar. If we hadn't checked and seen all the special Valentine wishes from our friends, why we bet she would have just continued working on her dumb reports and let the day go by. Good thing we're around to remind her of all the love floating through cyberspace today!!!

Happy Valentine's Day, pals!!!
(Good thing Dogdad remembered too, huh?)

Jake and Just Harry

Friday, February 4, 2011

"Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!"

This is for all our fellow NPR (National Public Radio) fans. On a recent pledge drive, Mom and Dogdad kicked in some "green papers" to see a live taping of one of their favorite shows, "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!" The taping was last night at Miami's Lincoln Center equivalent, the Adrienne Arsht Center, and will be broadcast this Saturday, February 5th.

Before the show, the folks --- after leaving us alone with the customary bribe -- dined at the bar of a lovely restaurant, Prelude, inside the Center. Mom had a martini with olives and smoked salmon carpaccio. Dogdad had a gin and tonic and pot pie. No camera to record the meal, so you'll just have to imagine the deliciousness.

The restaurant was filled with folks who were also attending the taping, and lots of lively chatter echoed through the room.

Ah, but then the show. One word: hilarious! The guest was Carl Hiaasen -- famous for his columns and novels about our fair state: Flori-duh. And especially South Flori-duh.

We will say no more. Turn to NPR on Saturday morning and imagine our Mom and Dogdad convulsed with laughter in the audience.

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry