Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Finally, a word from Jake the Weatherdog!!!

Hi pals!! Remember me? Jake the Weatherdog?

It seems I have been derelict in my duties as a reporter of Hurry Canes, as Isaac has been drifting past our shores without my commenting on it. Fortunately, my good friends, the Key West Collies, reminded me of my responsibilities. And fortunately too, they have escaped direct contact with the center of the storm and are doing fine.

For the most part, the storm here in South Florida has been mild-- so far not reaching Hurry Cane status. We put up shutters anyway on the most prominent of our windows to avoid any projectiles from the wind -- but it was pretty quiet all day Sunday. Today, however, as the storm continues off the west coast of Flori-duh to its destination with the northern Gulf Coast, we are in the dreaded northeast quadrant of the huge storm field and it is windier and wetter than yesterday. Lots of wet fur and paws from our trips outside -- but nothing more serious.

The great irony of Isaac is that most of our radio and TV stations have been dedicating significant programming over the last weeks to commemorating the 20th anniversary of Andrew, which devastated our area on August 24th, 1992. JH and I weren't even born, and Mom and Dad weren't even dating yet, let alone married. She lived on the edge of the storm and lost half her roof and a lot of furniture and other things -- so she hasn't been too into this remembering deal. But along comes Isaac, as if to say, what's with this commemoration stuff? It's my turn! Look at me!

And of course, Katrina hit New Orleans and the northern Gulf Coast seven years to the day tomorrow. (We owe JH to Katrina, so his Gotcha Day will be coming up in September.) So we'll be watching closely and hoping that Mother Nature doesn't repeat herself with Isaac and the Giulf Coast. Keep everyone in your prayers, pals... OK???

That's it from your Weatherdog for the moment.