Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Salzberg Dreamin'

Just Harry and I are so excited about attending Myrna and Gilbert's wedding in Salzberg this Friday. Yes, THIS FRIDAY!!! We've been thinking about our lovely dates, Ms. Gabbi and Ms. Essex -- and imagining how beautiful they'll look.
Even our wheelie look-alikes, Professor Jacques Maigret and Justin Herkimer Clouseau -- relatives of the renowned European detectives (or inspecteurs, as they are known in France) -- have climbed down from their private retreat in the china hutch and are starting to pack their bags for the trip on Aire Ruby.
We know Myrna and Gilbert have made arrangements for all of us to have a wonderful time -- but we decided to take a glimpse of what might appeal to our lovely ladies.
Music, of course, courtesy of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. And food. And shopping.
And so many beautiful (and romantic) places to visit .
We are stoked!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Breakfast

Well, despite the title of this blog, there's not much food in it -- at least not for us. But we were so excited to see our human brother and sister-in-law that we had to share!
They were on their way to Key West -- a "bucket" trip before they leave Florida in a few months and move back to Athens, Georgia, where they met. She'll be teaching biology in high school and he'll be getting a PhD in music at the university and helping out with the band.
We've already talked with our airedale pals in Cumming, Georgia, so hope there will be new road trips in our future.
But, in the meantime, it was all about breakfast right here at home on our patio. Or at least breakfast for some of us!!
We're looking kind of scruffy right now -- but Mom has promised we'll "clean up real good" before our dates next Friday night with Ms. Gabbi and Ms. Essex.
After all the sadness of this week, with so many of our DWB acquaintances -- human and canine passing away -- we're looking forward to sharing some good dogship, and love, and fun!!
Jake and Just Harry

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two Wire Fox Terriers in Search of More Reliable Help!

When last we barked, Just Harry was in danger of being sold and I was impatiently waiting for an opportunity to send my True Beagle Love, Ms. Gabbi, more proofs of my affection.

But then forced silence. And that tired old excuse: "Must finish project."

I had to resort to surreptitious notes on Gabbi's cbox.

And Just Harry had to read his pals' comments by flashlight in the dark of night after everyone had gone to bed. He was so thrilled at all the invitations he received from so many places when his pals learned of his potential plight. He's been studying the maps -- also by flashlight -- to see just where he might go if push came to shove: Scotland? England? Switzerland? Tennessee? New York? Connecticut? Kansas? With all those opportunities, he told me he's been thinking of what else he can chew.

Well, finally, today, our pathetic entreaties prevailed -- and our unreliable help agreed to let us bark a few words.

First, so JH could say thank you to all those who said Mom should forgive him, but if she wouldn't, well he'd be welcome with them.

And second, to let Gabbi know how much I'm looking forward to our date. Oh, and JH too is looking forward to his date with Ms. Essex.

But that's all. No photos. No funny stories. No nothing but a few pleas for better help. Please!!!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Drat!!! Foiled Again!!!

That woman!!! (Yeah, YOU, MOM!!!) She's so nosey. And she can hear the crunch of dog tooth on pen/pencil three rooms away!!! Ah, but dog tooth on rubber luggage tag or plastic highlighter -- that takes a bit longer to penetrate her eardrum. Silly me, I was so enthusiastic about my find when I pulled the place mat off the table, even though the chair was fully tucked under, that I crunched a bit louder than necessary -- just as I was about to explore the rubbery goodness of the first luggage tag after having separated the highlighter into its component parts.
Sadly, however, Mom was so excited about these luggage tags, which they bought a few weeks ago when they went to Spring Training, that I'm really in for it. She already pictured them on their suitcases when they fly to New York next month.
In her very disappointed voice, she gave me the "Just Harry, You-Are-Not-a-Puppy-Anymore-and-We-Expect-You-to-Make-More-Mature-Choices Lecture. Then I overheard her call Dogdad and warn him not to be surprised if there was just one dog here when he got home.

Yep, guess I'm The Perp -- again!!! Anyone out there who wants a really sweet, lovable (lots of kisses), incorrigible wire fox terrier? Will chew pencils for food!!!!Maybe if I close my eyes, she won't see me.
Just Harry

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bougainvillea, Brunch, and our Best Behavior

We were invited to an Easter brunch on Sunday with Mom and Dogdad's friends. They live about 45 minutes away to the south -- so we had a very cool road trip!!

When we got there, we saw the most beautiful bougainvillea. (Ours look like sick cousins by comparison. We're so embarrassed, we won't even show them.)

The brunch table had lots of yummies. OK, we'll have the eggs and the bread and we spy a few carrots...Mom, you can have the matzoh!!

Treats? For me?
And me???
More, please...Notice how good we're being. Nary a bark. OK, a few little friendly jumps, but no begging, no leg humping!!

Ah, but then I got to thinking about sweet Gabbi, so many miles across the ocean...And then JH crashed!! It's tiring being on our best behavior!!

OK, Mom, we're ready to go home.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Special Delivery for Ms. Gabbi

Dear Gabbi,
I'm sending you these spring flowers so you'll know that I'm thinking of you. Remember how daisies work -- "he loves me, he loves me not"? Well, I bet these all come out the same way: "Loves me!!" No need to pluck them -- I already confirmed the message.

Wishing you and Rosie and Alfie and Snoop -- and your folks -- a Happy Easter.

With lots of wirey love,


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Passover Starts Tonight and Easter is on Sunday

We wish everyone the blessings of both holidays!!

Jake and Just Harry

Monday, April 6, 2009

For Giacomino

Giacomino, the elder statesdog of the whippet waggle, lovingly known as Very Old Dog, left his family today. He was so beautiful. We know for sure because we sniffed him and his seven sisters and brothers when we were in Paducah on our Christmas holiday. And Mom felt his delicate head and his soft soft fur and looked into his warm, knowing eyes.
We are sending Patience and Bill and the whippet waggle all our love. Patience always admonishes our humans to hug us. And now we and our humans are reaching out to hug all of them.

Goodbye dear Very Old Dog,

Jake and Just Harry (and Joan and Jack)

The Girl (Almost) Next Door


You've all been so kind and helpful in my quest to find a date for Myrna's wedding in Salzberg. I've had lots of suggestions as to whom I should ask, and even a few "volunteers" -- all of whom are very attractive ladies. And I don't want to disappoint anyone...

But this morning it hit me. Of course!! She's the one.

A few discreet queries of her family to see if it would be OK, to see if she might accept. And, when the answer was Yes! I did a little wirey jig (Jake and I are Brits at heart, you see).

I know my brother Jake is smitten with a girl who lives across the pond -- and so they're in for all the fun and challenges of a long-distance romance. But, as for me, I realized that someone I fancied was just 150 miles or so away -- comparatively kind of in the neighborhood, right?

[OK, as I'm writing this, I hear my Mom humming one of the tunes from Meet Me in St. Louis, which, if I might paraphrase, goes something kind of like this (with apologies to Judy Garland):

"The moment I saw her smile
I knew she was just my style
My only regret is we've never met....
Though I live in Plantation, Florida
And she lives in Key West, just down US One a Da...
So I can't ignore her
The girl (almost) next door.]

But I digress.

For all of you romantics who believe love is just around the corner, perhaps in your own backyard - here is Ms. Essex, of KeyWest Collies fame.

Essex lives with her nephew, Deacon, and her human dad in Key West. We've all shared lots of worried moments wondering about the next hurricane -- and they appreciate it when Jake the Weatherdog swings into action.Like me, Essex is a fun-loving lass. Dressing up as the Red Baron. And enjoying the wearing of the green.

What a smile!!

So, I'm one happy dog today -- and look forward to fun and frolicking in Salzberg.with such an interesting companion.

Essex did ask about what to wear -- so I'm hoping some kind canine lady with fashionista talents will help me out here, although I think her natural coat is just beautiful.

Lots of wirey love

Just Harry

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just Harry Has a Request

This is really hard for me to write -- but I have to tell it like it is. Despite our romantic moment at the Rainbowwow Room, I have had to conclude that Princess Willow is just not that into me. How sad is that? Mom has tried to console me.
But, like my brother, Jake, having experienced a moment of joy with a lovely lady, I think I'm ready for more of a reciprocated relationship. Chew bones just don't do it anymore.

So here it is: I would love to escort someone to Myrna's wedding, and if anyone out there -- who may have read my posts and seen my photos and enjoyed my antics -- thinks she'd like to be my date -- well please write to me ASAP.
I've already booked seats on AireRiby -- or rather Jakey has done it for himself, Gabbi, me and Miss Unknown, and our two wheelie look-alikes -- Professor Jacques Maigret and Justin Herkimer Clouseau. (I know, they've been really scarce since they immigrated to South Florida from France -- but they can't resist the opportunity to revisit Europe for such an extraordinary event.)
As I said, this is really hard for me to write, but I guess I'm maturing beyond that first intense crush!!!

Lots of wirey love for the right lady,
Just Harry

Friday, April 3, 2009

What's Happened to My Bachelor Life???

Since last I put paw to keyboard, I've had several conversations with the beautiful young Gabbi who shared dances, and champagne, and loving whispers with me at the Rainbowwow Room. It's taken me a while to realize how much more fun life can be when you can share it with another interesting canine. I know, I know, I have a brother -- but somehow it's different, right???
After a few misunderstandings, I invited Gabbi to be my date at Myrna's wedding on May 1st -- and she said yes. Between now and then, I hope we can take a few trips to the exotic places she says she loves -- although for me, the beautiful Scottish Isles where she lives is pretty exotic.
For those of you who may not have seen what a beautiful beagle she is -- here's her photo:

Isn't she lovely?

When I read of her escapades with her siblings on the beach and in the woods, I confess I'm jelly that she can run off leash and have such a good time. Perhaps she'll teach me!!!

So, this is for you sweet lady!!!