Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Treats for Dogs!!!"

When that sweet sound rings out, you can bet it's music to our ears -- and our tummies -- and we come running.

But lately our treat jar has been getting emptier and emptier, and we've been wondering what's up. First, we didn't get to go to Koobus' ski weekend. Then Mom stopped our blogging for a loooong time. And no treats? We started thinking that maybe we should be looking around for new digs. Maybe we had worn out our welcome.

But suddenly this afternoon, a luscious aroma filled the air. We recognized it at once. Home-made treats prepared by Dogdad himself. Oh joy!! Oh goodness!! Hmmm, maybe we should stick around after all.

Yum!!! We're waiting for that first taste!! And then another. And another...

Jake and Just Harry.

Silly Boyz. Mom here. You know we love you. Who heard a suspicious crunching yesterday evening and tracked it down to an olive pit that Just Harry had picked up and decided to chew on? Who put up new curtains in the bedroom -- instead of shutters or blinds -- so that you boyz could look out the window at night? Who makes sure you have comfy places to sleep and fun walks and romps? And toys? And oh yes, who bakes you home-made treats? Who, ah but you know who!!! We do!!! So please stay around!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day to All Our Pals and Their Folks

Our Mom has been so busy doing the stuff that she does that helps pay for our kibble that she has neglected our blog. When we told her that we at least needed to send our pals a Happy Valentine's Day message, she agreed that was more important than her silly stuff...
So here goes: We hope everyone -- four paws, two paws -- has a heartfelt moment or two to share tomorrow!!!

With lots of love,

Jake and Just Harry

PS She left Valentine's Day planning in Dogdad's paws -- so who knows what tomorrow shall bring.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

And I Managed to Hold on to the Football!!!

Not sure what the Patriots or Giants have up their sleeves -- but I kept the football in my paw throughout that whole bumpy ride!! I hear there's dinner and dancing. Boy oh boy am I ready!!! But don't mess with my football.

Just Harry

Are We Too Late for the Pawty

Whew!!! What a ride!!!

Sorry we missed all the fun yesterday, but here we are!!! I held on for dear life, but JH did a bit of slip sliding on E.C.'s back.

We did fly over the spectacular Grand Canyon and now we are ready to pawty!!!

Does anyone have any fish for E.C. Bird? He was a bit late, but he kept his promise and got us here. We think he must be pretty hungry and we're not sure where the nearest body of water is -- or fish store.

Jake and Just Harry (giving new meaning to the concept of aviation!!! And yay Mom, for figuring out how to get two wire fox terriers onto the back of an egret!!! It's her debut in this technology!!!)