Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're not chickens. Why do we get plucked?

Well, the rumors turned out to be true. Those sweet cajoling voices we've been hearing had just one result in mind: the dreaded plucking. You'd think we'd get used to it -- the removal of at least a pound of fur from each of us when our coats get too wooly.

A pound from Jake.

And a pound from Just Harry.

To be fair, since I, Jake, almost had a seizure the last time I went to a professional groomer a few years ago --before JH -- Dogdad has taken it on himself to do the job. And the process -- plucking as much as we can stand on our uppersides then clipping our undersides and finishing off with a final trim -- is accompanied with lots of treats and sweet talking -- but yikes!!! Just Harry and I are almost nekkid now.

First me, Jake, none too happy, but pretty stoic...

Then Just Harry, wondering if this really is necessary. His fur is very different from mine. Mine is extra thick; his is thin, so two minutes after he is combed, he looks unkempt again. But his jacket is more wiry than mine, so maybe he's a more typical wire.

I rationalized the procedure this time as a means of looking swell for my forthcoming date with Asta Marie. (Yep, you heard me right -- I, Mr. Poster Child of Bachelorhood, have a date with the very selective Ms. Asta Marie!! )

But poor Just Harry here is looking very sharp just to carry on with the same old same old daily routine. Perhaps that gray cat we saw the other day will look at him with new respect. Who knows. Or one of you ladies out there???

All I can say is, unlike grass, which grows so fast here in South Florida in the summer that you can actually see it grow, our jackets better slow down so we don't have to endure this for another few months.





Gus said...

Hey: You guys look quite handsome! Now is the time to get rid of the fuzz, ya sure don't wanna get plucked in the winter, right. Oh yeah. Florida, I forgot

Good luck with Ms Asta Marie. Don't let her take you to a casino.


Vicky said...

What handsome chaps you both are, and you must feel better.
Thanks for letting me know about Jackson, I'm a bit out of touch with what's happening on the blogs lately, I've popped along and sent my good wishes to him.

The Black and Tans. said...

You 2 are looking so handsome now and you must feel so much cooler now the fluff has gone!
We are barking long and loud for our friend Jackson and our paws are crossed.
Molly and Taffy

Molly the Airedale said...

Both of you look so handsome! Make sure you let us know how your date with Asta Marie goes, okay?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Vicky said...

Little Sal has some news for you, if you want to have a look

Eric said...

jake and Harry- stylin' boyz, wagging handsome. Date with Mrs Asta Marie... we had heard about it...treat her well Jake or Dewey will be after more than your fur....

Wags, Eric

Sophie Brador said...

I remain completely unconvinced about this plucking business, at least for me. But I must say, you two boys look spectacular.


Joe Stains said...

omdog I am SO GLAD I do not need to have this done to me, I would be SO MAD! You guys are lucky that you can have this done at home not out at some stupid groomers who doesn't really care about you!

Asta Marie said...

Why Jake....

You look just darling with your new doo....we get plucked around here too and I saw my Mom eying me up for some hair removal fact as we waited in line for our turn at earthdog, she was pulling my hair out. But I will let her trim me some so that I will be dressed in my finest for our upcoming date...why I'm blushing just thinking about it..give Harry me best and I hope to see you soon....

Asta Marie, WFT

Unknown said...

Wow, I don't stand a chance with Asta Marie once she gets a load of you and your handsomeness. I only have to get plucked a couple times a year and for the first week at least, I look like I'm in my underwear.

Your pal,


Noah the Airedale said...

Well the girls think you both look very handsome with your new cuts. Maybe JH would like to escort one of my sissies on a date. I highly recommend Willow as she has the same sort of fur Just Harry has got. D thinks she looks like a Wire just bigger lol.

ps. We're barking for Jackson...we haven't stopped!!

the Corgi Girls said...

Wow pups, that looks like when we get brushed too! Big piles of fluff!

M & I

Simba and Jazzi said...

Thank you for your concern while I have been unwell. It helped me get better much quicker,

Simba x

Agatha and Archie said...

Well you both look exceptionally handsome except we shudder to think that thi smay be happening in our house soon...we are barking so hard we are hoarse..Love and kisses A+A

Gucci said...

Hey Boys!

I've heard a looot about you two and thought maybe it was time to paw my way over and say herro. :]


Unknown said...

Lots of dogs at the dogpark are showing up with "crewcuts" but we haven't heard of plucking! Booker doesn't have enough fur to get ahold of anything for that procedure ... H-Mom uses a "houndmit" and just gets a little fuzz pile.

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Lookin' pretty handsome, pals! How come you both sit there so nicely while being groomed? I have to be practically manacled to the grooming table! J x

The Zoo Crew said...

I just posted a reply to your letter from forever ago (sorry mom has been quite lazy about blogging, but she says it's because my 5 year old skin sister had surgery). If the date with Asta Marie doesn't go so well, I'm still available and waiting ;)


Scottie the 'Cutie' said...

Whoa...that's a lot of fur! But then, it's all worth it, right? I mean, since you got so much weight off your body...and you definitely look smart for your upcoming date!


Asta Marie said...

Why Jake...

How sweet of you to tell me about the other girl that almost came into your life.....I will be honored to accompany you to the game isn't supposed to rain, is it? I'll pack an umbrella just to be on the safe side or maybe an extra wide-brimmed hat....what do you think?
Will we be eating at the game? And is it out of taste to try and catch a ball that comes into the stands....I just love playing ball....and taking one home would be heaven.....I'm breathing again since Jackson seems to have made some good progress....

Asta Marie, WFT