Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fellow Doggies: Paws crossed for everyone who is in the path of Hurricane Gustav and those who may follow!!!

To everyone who is in the sound of our bark: Gustav, a powerful storm is making its way into the Gulf of Mexico. After Gustav comes Hanna, headed somewhere in the Caribbean or to the East Coast. And after that, two or three other, as yet unidentified, waves expected to turn into storms...

We're OK -- but we know others are in the path of Gustav. So we want to bark our best wishes to keep everyone safe!!!

Jake and Just Harry


Peanut said...

we will try and we hope everyone else is okay through this also.

Lacy said...

w00f's me hopes they all safe too...i think they saidid there wuz bout 5 after Hannah....scarey...

b safe,

Gus said...

we are preparing the back bedroom for some friends of E.Rabbit who are heading our way tonight. Rumor has it that they are bringing CATS!!! We want to help these folks, but I told muzzer I am not sure about this. We are keeping our paws crossed that one of those nasty little tagalong storms doesn't head your way too guys.

gussie n teka

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

We are very worried bout this storm and hope it does the least possible amount of many haven't recovered from Katrina, we can't even imagine them being hit again...

Please stay dry boyz and keep urselves safe, Kay?

We've been ESPECIALLY barky and thought of you both with LOVE!

Loud terrier BARKS!


Daniella said...

Mom and I were watching the news. Everyone is evacuating but we didn't see ONE doggie. Where are they? are they being left behind alone? It makes me very very sad to think about this...


Noah the Airedale said...

We hope everyone is ok and safe from these storms.


Joe Stains said...

We just watched something about this stinky hurricane on

We are sending good vibes to all those doggies and humans and hope every human and every pup stays safe.

River said...

We hope that you and everyone else will be okay. We'll be thinking of you.

love & wags,

Asta said...

I'm bawking fow evewyone's safety..that's sooo scawy..I will cwoss my paws fow the whole season
I'm glad you awe OK
smoochie kisses

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh we've just seen the news and they're going to evacuate New Orleans....crikey, those poor people having to go through it all again.


Cowspotdog said...

I have my paws crossed for my buddies down there (must be why I keep tripping over today) I am so glad to see that they are evacuating pupsters with their humans this time!!!

Kyanite said...

Just stopping by to say Hi!

Glad to know you're safe.
Gustav sounds grim - will put Katrina in a shadow it seems.
Like Daniella I worry about all the doggys that seems to get left behind.

Love, pats & pets

Princess Patches said...

We hope everyone will be okay! We heard, on the news this morning, that pets are being allowed to stay in the same shelters as their hoomans. That will be a major improvement over Katrina! Stay safe down there in Flory-duh! We hope to get some rain out of it, but we don't need anymore wind! Stay safe!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Moco said...

We will be watching this and thinking good vibes for all in it's path. Be Safe.

LittleSal and Jasper bigdog said...

Oh, it's scary reading about the horrible storms, we've both got our paws crossed for everyone.
Jasper: Mine are BIG paws so hope it helps BIG time.

Molly the Airedale said...

Hurricanes scare us to death! Our paws are crossed for everyone in Gustav's way!
We missed you guys!
It's nice to be back!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Agatha and Archie said...

Oh boy PL2 has been very busy at work and today got worried sick about you guys.....She is glad you are not in the path and prays that you won't be. Now she just has to be worried sick about everyone else..this is going to be a ba one.. Love and kisses A+A+PL2

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

We are crossing all we can cross. We sure hope it doesn't get as bad as they think it might! We're barking real loud for those nasty storms to go away, but they haven't listened to us.
Sunny,Scooter & Jamie

Stella said...

Hey, Jake & Just Harry!

You boys are so considerate and thoughtful. I'm surprised you have time to show that side of yourselves with your busy social calendar and all.

It was good to see you on the Aire Ruby anniversary flight! You'll have to show me more of your dance moves at the next pawty.

Goobery love & tiny kissies,


We hope all are friends stayed safe. We were glad Gustav weakened before coming ashore.


Simba and Jazzi said...

It must be so scary, I hope everyone is safe and well, doggies too.

Simba x

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hope everyone is OK. We heard on the news that it wasn't as bad as anticipated. J x

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

My paws are croseed for everyone in the path of the storm! I am glad to hear that you are doing well!

Keep safe and dry!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley