Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Giving HEAT new meaning

Yes, like most of the country and elsewhere in the world, temperatures here in South Florida have been in the upper 90s for the better part of the last few months. When is Spring not Spring? When it is more like Summer -- which finally moved in officially a day ago, bringing more of the same.
Or as someone said in 1225:
"Sumer is icumen in.
Lhude sing cuccu!"
But there is Summer Heat and then there is MIAMI HEAT. While as most of you our pals know, our folks are rabid St. Louis Cardinals fans, and baseball lovers, sometimes even they can't help but get excited when the local basketball team makes it to the top. So yes, there we all were last night watching to see that last swish of the ball through the net as the MIAMI HEAT did what they had promised two years go: won the NBA championship -- and did it in five games at home.
During the basketball finals, a Cardinals baseball game was occasionally on TV the same time as a Heat match. It was fun seeing the absolute differences in the two sports which have so many folks preferring one over the other. Chacun a son gout. To each his taste. As for us, we prefer peanut butter, popcorn, cheese, chicken, ice cubes, celery, and wally melon. AND BEISBOL!

Jake and Just Harry


WFT Nobby said...

Hi there Boyz, great to hear from you.
Well we are just back from a walk in Dunnottar Woods, dank and muddy, with a cool mist rolling in off the North Sea and a temperature of about 55ºF. Midsummer in Scotland.
So we are finding it hard to sympathise about your heat wave. And as most of our knowledge of American sports comes from reading dog blogs, we fear we may have a slightly distorted picture of the whole baseball/basketball thing.
What we do know is that Greece are playing Germany in a quarter final of the European football championship tonight, and that may well be a heated affair...
Toodle pip!
Bertie (and Gail).

Gus said...

Go Cards!

Dad saw a couple of games last week, two wins, one loss.

Muzzer went shopping!

Dad had more fun and spent more money. We think that is only fair.

Boy, the old folks love it when I put on my bandannnaaannnna


Lorenza said...

Congratulations to the Miami Heat!
I did not watch them... I prefer baseball!
Kisses and hugs

Molly the Airedale said...

Congratulations to Miami!
We prefer munching on the foodables when sports are on TV. Don't tell our dad though because he is a die-hard NY Giants fan!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Dexter said...

Woo hoo! It is hot like a pizza oven. Watching baseball on TV is just the ticket, methinks.


Unknown said...

Congratulations to Miami Heat, they really deserve it specially the new MVP Lebron :D

Dog Shock Collar | Puppy Bond

Urban Smoothie Read said...

we doesn't have the games here

but u totally rock in that outfit

Moose said...

Very sporty there buddies! Momma is not so into the basketball but it was kinda exciting. She was on a plane during the final game and when the plane landed the pilot announced that Miami won :-)

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh, if we dropped a match in our yard, it would go up in flames!!

And our next door neighbor's chimney got struck my lightning last week....and we learned all about electricity and how it fries expensive things in the house...sheesch....

Frankly, I've never trusted storms anyway!!

How is that baby niece of yours doing??? Ours was up her a couple of weeks ago...after she left, we went into her room to sniff stuff over and Scruffy pooped right by the Pack N Play....he might be as dumb as a post, but he makes his opinions well known, huh!!

XXOO and stay cool....

Miss Lacie

Asta said...

Dawling Bawkielotz Boyz Jake and Just Hawwy
Thank you fow witing and shawing those memowies and sadness ovew Bussie leaving all of nevew gets easiew..each efawewell huwts even mowe than the last, but you and yoow Mom said it so pawfectly. I woold not give up a moment of the good times and love we all shawe.

I am so happy that even in the Heat, you have YOOW HEAT to cheew and watch while eating all those yummie tweats

I love you and think of yoo all the time, even thoughh I don't visit as often
Smoochie kisses aways
Asta and Mommi

Unknown said...

Oh! We didn't know THIS meaning of 'heat'!!
Congratulations on being promoted to your new positions. They're all such important ones...uncles and grampop n grammummy...
Hope the little dahling is settling down well in this new big world. Blessings n hugs n wags,
Ginger, Buddy, Shadow n Mummy


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