Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Angel Jake at the RBC (Rainbow Broadcasting Corporation)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jake and Just Harry's Most Excellent Road Trip: Days Two, Three, and Four

Get out your maps again everybody -- here is something we never expected on our road trip. We thought we were just touring the U. S. of A. But as we set out and continued on our trip, we discovered that Mom and Dogdad were taking us international!!! For example, we passed through Naples, Paris, and Florence in Europe; Oxford in the U.K.; St. Petersburg in Russia; Cairo and Jericho in the Middle East; and even took a detour to the ancient cities of Troy, Memphis, Thebes, and Herculaneum. Wowser!!! Who knew???

After the presentation on Day Two -- and a fun Christmas party at the port -- we set out for Dothan, Alabama. Dogdad, with his transportation expertise, had mapped out and timed the itinerary to make sure we got to Mayemphis on Day Three in time to see Gussie and Teka and their muzzer and dad in the late afternoon. On the way to Dothan, we dined at a Sonic -- where it's OK for dogs to eat at the tables on the outside. Again, Dogdad had mapped out all the Sonics along the way so that we (they) would not go hungry. I had eaten at a Sonic years ago, when I was a puppy -- but for JH, this was a new experience.

After lunch, we continued up the north-south interstate, I-75, and then across the east-west I-10. I-10 is very cool because it crosses the entire country from Jacksonville on Florida's east coast to Santa Monica in California on the west coast. Some day, we'd like to take it all the way. Dinner was at a McDonald's -- just to keep the folks from starving while we enjoyed our kibble and water (and a bite of hamburger).

In Dothan, we stayed at a La Quinta, which was recommended to us by several wirey friends who travel a lot. What a change from the night before! We got to walk through the lobby and take the elevator to the fourth floor. On the way, people kept telling us that we were "pretty." Gulp. Couldn't they see -- even with what's left -- that we're boys?????

After a quick ride on the luggage cart, an exploration of the full length mirror (four dogs????) a quck look at the bathroom, and our usual bedtime treats, we slept soundly in our beds.

I have to confess though that once or twice we heard something that prompted a bark or two -- but when Dogdad said "leave it!!" we knew he meant it and went back to sleep. Mom was very relieved because she had visions of our barking non-stop and getting us kicked out of the motel in the middle of the night so that we'd have to sleep in the car.

The next morning, we left early: destination Mayemphis!!! At first it was just foggy, but then it started to get cold. And by the time we got to Mayemphis, it was really nippy -- at least for us southerners.

When we crossed the border into Tennessee, we were greeted by what looked just like the South Florids traffic we had left -- lots of big trucks and cars -- but the sky was beautiful and the scent of terrier pals was in the air. When we pulled up at Gussie's place, muzzer was there to greet us warmly, and we went for a quick walk up the street to meet some of her neighbors.

So what was it like meeting Gussie and Teka? If we had a video, you would have heard a few grrrrs and a lot of rowf, rowf, rowfs -- and then, when the folks decided to let us off leash for a minute -- loud, louder, and loudest barks and all kinds of other terrier noises and bitey face attempts. "Grab a dog," was the response from the humans --- and that was how we all got to know each other. And this scenario repeated itself several times while we were there!

Gussie and Teka's muzzer and dad are wonderful humans -- and they made us -- and our own humans -- feel very welcome and at home -- even when we schlepped tons of things (most of it ours) -- enough for a month -- into the house for our two-night stay. As for Gussie, he is one handsome dude!!! We were very impressed with his stature and demeanor. And young Teka -- well she is a trip!!! A beautiful trip, with a non-stop personality.

On Day Four, the four humans went for a tour of Mayemphis and saw Beale Street, the famous Peabody Hotel, lots of Elvis memorial signs, and the Mississippi River (for Mom). We didn't mind staying at home -- segregated from Gussie and Teka in the front of the house while they were in the back - because we could look out the window at all the passersby. The folks had barbecue for lunch at Neely's and then came home. When we saw them drive up, we barked our heads off to greet them, just as though we were in our own house, protecting everyone from intruders!!! Mom thought that was hilarious.

Ms. Teka, as you might have suspected from other tales, likes to make sure everyone is paying attention -- so when calm started to set in and we wires started to settle -- she got the energy flowing again. At one point, knowing we were going to see Swede William on our trip, she did ask JH to give him a message. He never told me what it was, so I cannot report.

What fun!!! We had a wonderful time, and hated to leave such kind people and enthusiastic terrier pals -- but we had a date with St. Loulis and Dogdad's family so off we went to Missouri!!! But that's another part of our story...



Patience-please said...

Wow! That was a fantastic post, boyz. You've got to give your scribe a few extra licks for all that work!
JH did tell Swede William what Teka said: he's still blushing!

wags from the whippets

Gus said...

We sure enjoyed our time together. And we are loving reading about your adventures. Are you glad to be back in the warm weather? Getting chilly again here!


Molly the Airedale said...

What a super fun trip for you "pretty" boys! Gosh, how rude! We howled at that picture of you looking at yourself in the mirror at the bathroom sink! haha
We sure wish that we could meet Gussie and Teka!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Noah the Airedale said...

"Pretty" crikey what's that about. You're boys. My sissies are always mistaken for boys...they don't like that much.
It must have been fun meeting Gus & Teka. This holiday is getting better all the time.


Faya said...

Génial ! Fantastic ! Incroyable ! Gussie et Teka ! You are so lucky. Teka is so cute and ... tiny.
DWB is a great family !
Kisses, Faya

Asta said...

Oh MY Dog Jake and Just Harry
I'm sooo got a wound the wowld touw, and met Gussie the cutest lambietewwiew in the wowld, and Teka the enewgizew puppy. This twip is fantastic!
I love evewy minute..mowe, mowe
smoochie kisses
To vewy manly , handsome boyz

Simba and Jazzi said...

I'm finally back from rehab and blogging again. Happy new year.

Simba x

Daniella said...

I'm loving reading about your roadtrip! What lucky guys you are! did you go in a van or a regular car? I also like to stand on the middle console and car surf! And I know what you mean about funny names for cities in the USA - when we took Boo to Melissa, we passed Glasgow - I was half asleep and thought oh no, did we drive to Scotland!?
Tee hee.
More reporting please!!!


Agatha and Archie said...

OMG!! You met Gussie and Teka and Muzzer!!!!! You are very well behaved boys,We wouldnot be able to do that..girst of all we would bark and bark in the hotle........Wait we just realxied this is day 2 and we mised day 1!! We have to go and read it Love A+A

Eric said...

Boyz!Wow a round the world trip and you did it in under 4 days instead of 40!! What a fantastic time.Your motel photos made me howl with laughter.The more terriers the better I say. And what lucky lucky dogs to meet Gussie and Teka and Muzzer.Pawsome trip, can't wait to read more.

Wiry wags, Eric xx

Lady Kaos said...

Your trip sounds so great!!!! There's also a Florence just 10 minutes from my house and where my Dad works! Mom says she's positive it isn't that Florence where you were because it's in the middle of nowhere. You weren't in Colorado were you?

Joe Stains said...

Sonic RULES!! That is so cool you got to eat with the humans. We are glad the folks at La Quinta treated you like you deserved to be treated! I am so so jealous you got to meet Gus and Teka, we lived near them here in AZ and never made it over to say hey.

Pippa said...

Hey is that Paris Texas like the film?? And you must have stayed somewhere Spanish or nearby? How about La Quinta? Sounds Portuguese to me I think.

The Bumpass Hounds said...

Heya Jake and JH,
Sounds like a fun trip so far. Gus and teka sound like a really dynamic duo. It's good that you didn't bark too much and get tossed out to sleep in the car, but with those need bed boxes it would be comfortable anywhere. We think that it looks like you two have your butts stuck together in that one picture at the rest stop. If you ever visit up here we have two Sonics now in fredericksburg; they're spreading north. Both of the Sonics here are in shoppings with pet stores; one has a PETCO and the other a PetSmart. " WOOF-WOOF: We'll take 9 bacon double cheeseburgers with extra cheese and extra bacon, err, make that 11 (the Newfs want 2 each) and 3 fish fillet sandwiches, please. - WOOF-WOOF" We can buy food for evryone.

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

I can't tell you how jealous I am that you got to meet Gus and Teka! J x